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  1. For some reason I thought there was a small flannels in MH already ( top floor - close ish to Mark’s and Spencer maybe ??) - just had a look at the Flannels online site ! All I have to say is good luck flogging shoes that are £600 +. I assume Zara are moving then? Or are they keeping the same store and adding a second one in the store?
  2. i have not long since moved to Chesterfield (havent updated my location yet - oops) and hadnt had much previous experience with Meadowhead roundabout as i had no reason to visit this end of Sheffield, so the first time i wanted to go down Bochum parkway i got into the far right lane as directed by sat nav ( i was using Waze at the time) which of course was the wrong lane and i ended up coming back round on myself and moved into the correct lane as and when i could so i could exit on Bochum. The sat nav is definitely partly responsible however i think its also partially because drivers just try and shovel themselves onto the correct lane - this is not what i was taught by my driving instructor. His advice was either 1 - go back around and try to move into the correct lane if possible or B - leave the roundabout in the lane that you are in and then turn around in a safe place and go back on yourself. This advice has stayed with me since i passed my test and its something i stick too. Another lesson i have learned is not to 100% trust sat nav - when i first passed my test i followed it religiously and probably half looked at road signs whereas experience has taught me that its best to follow road signs ( especially on a roundabout) to find which lane i need to be in ( as well as looking at markings on the road). Cant explain the reason why i went into lane 3 to get on Bochum though - i guess it made sense in my head at the time and i didnt really pay that much attention ( which is also partially the problem). Park square and the University roundabout are two of the worst roundabouts imo.
  3. They would have been better off sorting out the issues coming down from broad lane/ west bar/ the traffic lights and Penistone road gridlock. This to me is the crux of the problem - not the width of lanes. I also don’t like how they have increased the height of the Kurb ( far right lane towards parkway at the junction to Savile street ) - as it currently stands any emergency services wanting to pass through will have a problem as no one can move onto the verge. I also have an issue with the u-bend too.
  4. Both individuals and Meadowhall have to share the blame imo. We have had an excessive amount of rain in Sheffield over the course of the last month and it isn’t rocket science to work out that the rivers would burst their banks eventually. Meadowhall should have paid heed to the weather warnings which were in place 24 hours prior to the Xmas light switch on as well as keep a close eye on the flood alerts on the environment agency. Cancelling an event at 5pm is a silly and irresponsible decision given that there would be a lot of young people wanting to attend the event. At the same time - individuals have to take some responsibility too . If I hadn’t had to work a shift in the afternoon / evening on Thursday I would have stayed at home , packed a bag ( as I live in a location known for flooding) and been prepared. Going shopping would have been the last thing I would be doing. BUT at the same time - for those who live in areas where they don’t have issues with flooding then would think differently about it. What I don’t think people were prepared for was the cancellation of public transport ( although in hindsight it’s not surprising trains/ tram and buses were cancelled).
  5. Just an FYI - only one of the lanes is open again today so very high likelihood of tailbacks again - same place as last sunday ( opposite lane though). no idea - i think they just had signs up when i first created the thread but then nothing materialised. It has probably just taken them 4 years to get around to doing the works.
  6. agreed. I got stuck in the traffic whilst on the way to work. Took me 30 minutes to get from Kelham Island to just past Tesco. I had actually left the house earlier 30 minutes prior to starting work as i was expecting there to be some traffic . When i arrived it was standstill for some time. Closing one of the lanes close to the junction coming down from West Bar caused massive problems !
  7. does anyone know if the Hillsborough branch of Natwest is staying open? There had been signs to say it was closing earlier in the year which were taken down, followed by another sign to say the branch was closing in August - today i noticed that this has also been removed?
  8. I dont generally come down penistone from past the ground ( going into town)..so I’m not sure if there is another camera along that stretch of road ( before the camera closest to gym). If I remember I will go & investigate tomorrow . ?
  9. I live behind the owls ground, and travel along leppings onto Penistone - today I looked at the camera as I went past. It looks exactly like the speedspike & given it had a camera sign right above the camera - I would guess it is actually active but given it has only appeared this week then penalty notices won’t have arrived yet! I’m not sure why they have installed it where they have as that section of road is generally busy during the day especially at peak times - I guess it’s only at night when drivers will be travelling at speed. Seems a bit pointless if they are wanting to ‘slow’ traffic down ( although we all know they are cash cows). If that was the true reason for installing ( the cash cow bit) then they should have installed it further down ..
  10. alongside trivializing those who do have mental health difficulties.
  11. as above.. can anyone recommend a good shop to go to get an intimate piercing please? Willing to travel ( as have a car) thanks
  12. I am also in S6 and our internet has gone down however we are not with virgin but BT... the down detector website also stating this is a national problem so could be related to the Virgin issue? Eta - Hillsborough now - close to the weds ground
  13. just letting people know that the council are currently doing renovation work on the bridge , and they have closed the 'normal' road ( coming off park square roundabout heading towards ponds forge, and added a small "track " - in other words they used most of the payment to serve as the "track"... ) which is meant to serve as a "road". For the most part things have been fine however since lorries(wilko/B& M etc /coaches/royal mail vans also come down this route - when they have its caused massive tailbacks onto the roundabout. This work is allegedly meant to last for the next 7 weeks or so... we have also been informed that there is meant to be workmen there to direct/assist lorries 24 hours a day - whether this happens remains to be seen !
  14. there is also no signal in s6 and has been none since last friday ..apparently there is mast maintenance until the 26th..
  15. has anyone else lost their 3G signal please? Mine seems to have been down since yesterday pm. I have checked the coverage webpage and all looks ok?
  16. I dont understand how Amey operate..:|Yesterday they had closed off parkside road ( near hillsborough park) to do resurfacing - ok - no issues there. If its down to be resurfaced then fine... There are signs up saying the road will be closed between 11th -18th april - and ok - bit of a pain but whatever.... Fast forward to this morning - Parkside Road is open again . First thought - great they have finished that quickly:hihi: - except they havent finished. They have done half the work and gone elsewhere ( or just fancied a day off) . I cant understand WHY they havent just finished the job they started - especially as it looks like its almost finished anyway..
  17. i signed this earlier - can only hope they will be binned for their all round shoddyness eventually
  18. we have had a note through our door today to say they are resurfacing the pavements ( weather depending ) on the 24th April, ánd all cars need to be moved off the road (otherwise will be towed away). This in the Fielding road/Vere Road area . The note also says there will be signs put up a week before work begins.. We shall see !
  19. Hi all, I want to report a light/pedestrian crossing problem but not sure who i should report this too. The problem is that when the lights are on green coming down from Spital Hill junction (past pure gym and turning right onto Savile Street) the pedestrian lights are also on green at the exact same time.The top link is showing the junction i am referring too - cars in the right hand lane are allowed to turn right onto Savile Street (except taxis/buses) - I have nearly been hit twice ( along receiving rude hand gestures and getting shouted at )in the last 4 weeks when i have crossed ( green man on at the time when i crossed - i am not in the habit of legging it across and taking my chances ). https://goo.gl/maps/fFH2qBhQAUx This second link is the pedestrian lights i am referring to. https://goo.gl/maps/zJkBR3beVys This next link shows the arrows on the road showing that its legal to take a right :- https://goo.gl/maps/mb33T35D6ZQ2 Can someone help please? Who should i report this too?
  20. more like shown the door by her own party ---------- Post added 31-01-2017 at 19:31 ---------- i was not protesting about the USA's democratic rights but protesting about him the person and what he stands for. White supremacy. ---------- Post added 31-01-2017 at 19:37 ---------- she is trumps lap dog. I bet Farage will be first on the phone
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