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£50 For A Good Reason To Vote!!

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The largest political party in the world - Everyone's Party > are offering anyone £50 if you can give them a logical (non emotional, non psychological) reason to vote?



Vote Conservative if you live in social housing and get thousands in discount when you buy your house.

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A logical reason to vote?


The question presumes that the vote is for a representative of a political party at a general election. One good reason to vote in a representative democracy is that the party in power might end up being the lesser evil.


But that's not very satisfactory for most people. Representative democracy with elections once every 5 years doesn't give the ordinary citizen that much power, so people lose interest. The truth is that democracies are being subverted by global corporations and rich individuals in many countries and criminal gangs and drug cartels in others.


What we need is votes that count on issues that matter to us. More democracy. Direct Democracy. Then the reason to vote would be obvious. We'd vote because we get to decide what happens.


How would such a system work? Well I'm exploring one way on the website Free.Vote a work in progress, but it could lead to democratic consensus and real influence on the political process if not actual power.

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