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Record Store Day 2015


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This coming Saturday 18th April is Record Store Day.

The event began in the US in response to music shops disappearing and is supported by artists who put out special releases on CD & vinyl formats only available from record shops on record store day. Most artists started out listening to sounds recommended by their local record shops & acknowledge their value as a source of knowledge and inspiration.

A recent forum thread tallied up the number of shops selling music, especially vinyl, in Sheffield & I think we got to 8 shops, which is great news for music lovers. So, if you prefer your music in a format you can see and touch as well as hear, look out for events and goodies at your favourite Record Store next weekend.

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Should be called " STRAIGHT TO EBAY DAY " its rubbish they should give vouchers out to people who go to record shops throughout the year to spend on record store day, that would help the record shops all the year , not the profit merchants who turn up once a year and by the way the walkley shop did not partisipate in record store day this year ie selling their records because they fell out with the distributers and good on them for it !

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