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IPhone 4s repair


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Can anyone recommend someone who could repair my iPhone preferably in rotherham.

The He wifi has stopped working and the battery life is really reduced I have already been to one shop and the guy said the wifi could be repaired but the repair often isn't successful and wasn't Really worth doing is this the case?thanks

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Can I suggest you take it to the Apple store in Meadowhell? They will give you free advice on what the cause might be and how much a repair would cost. Chances are the other shop was right though. Especially considering that battery life is reduced, looks like there are more than one problems.

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Have you tried the obvious factory reset first to rule out software issues?


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You can get replacement hardware items, but it might be hard to tell which bit needs replacing.

ie do you need the wifi antennae replacing, or is it the circuitboard and chip that are bust - or both???

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