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Direct Kitchens - feedback needed please

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They fitted my kitchen in about 2007, final finish was good, but there were some problems with the subcontracted fitters, to the point where I eventually told them to send someone else, who fixed the problem and finished the job.

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Hi. Wanting a new kitchen and just wanted to get any good or bad feedback from anyone who has used Direct Kitchens. As its a large investment want to consider lots of companies so if anyone got any other recommendations then please let me know. Thanks.


Do you mean this company?


Ive had 2 kitchens from them in the last couple of years.

Fantastic quality and the units come built saving loads of time, labour and money !!!

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A friend had one fitted recently, she likes it, was happy with the service. Not sure it's much better than the IKEA one in her last house tho and it was much more expensive. I got them out to quote for mine. It took them over three weeks to send me the quote and the worst computer generated 3d plan i have ever seen. I gave up after that, they just didn't seem interested.

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