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Bit of a strange question!!


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Okay this is a very strange story, we have recently purchased a cavalier king charles spaniel puppy. All is great at home he's settled in nicely. Now the strange thing is my youngest daughter who's 2, loves dogs etc, she loves the puppy, BUT since we got the puppy she is now terrified of her nannans dogs (both lurchers). Before we got the puppy, she loved seeing and being around the lurchers but now she completely freaks out when she sees them. Yet at home with the pup she's fine :confused:

Obviously we don't want her scared of the other dogs and are just confused as to why she's suddenly gone so scared.

Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I would guess that the pup behaves as a pup with your 2 year old? Play biting/mouthing, barking etc? Maybe seeing this new dog behave this way has made her a bit wary of the dogs who now seem so big in comparison?

My 2 year old niece loves to see my dogs. At first she would watch them through the window on th garden, then she wanted to be around on the garden near them. Then she started to play with my cocker, Alice and give her treats but she always asked to see Bella the dane, if she wasn't there. Then the last time she saw Bella, she was keen to see her through the window but was suddenly wary of being close to her, yet she's never been close enough to touch Bella. She enjoyed watching me interact with Bella but didn't want to give her a treat or anything and we put it down to the size difference between Bella and Alice.


I would avoid trying to push her to get used to the lurchers. I would let her stay where she is comfortable but interact with the lurchers yourself, and let your daughter get used to them again in her own time. I think we make it worse if we make an issue of it. We've never encouraged my niece to be around my dogs, she asks to see them but sometimes she isn't interested at all.

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