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Advice needed please..

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hi how do you tell someone that the real reason behind your behaviour is something to do with other people but your taking your frastraition and anger out on that good person e.g lie,thief,dishonest, untrustworthy etc and what if they wont listen to what u got to say? i have done some horrible things but so has this good person and as of that i get blamed for his actions n behaviour and hated for it when its his doing that caused all problems please can some one tell me how i can expain to someone the real reason behind my behaviour and how we can sort it coz at end of day i dont want to make it look like im the bad guy when im not im not saying im innoccent coz no one is but i like to know why i feel like an outcast.

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I think that the real reason behind bad behaviour in a lot of people is down to other people - quite often those who were responsible for caring for them and raising them in a proper loving and secure environment, but failed to do so.


I don't know your situation but you will know your own - and that's a good place to start. Go back into your past and try and identify what events have shaped the way you are, for good and for bad.


You may need help to do this. But you can get help, free. Talking to your GP or a counselling service might be a good place to start.


It sounds like you are having difficulties in a relationship because of how you feel about yourself. The first thing to put right is how you feel about yourself. Only if you learn to love yourself can you learn to love others.


good luck!

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I was not a very nice person for many years, because of childhood events. I didn't do anything bad, just sort of pushed them all away (my family)


I will be eternally grateful that they stuck with me, and when I had the courage to explain why I had acted as I did, I had nothing but love and sympathy from all of them.


If the someone you want to tell loves you, they will be there for you and help you get through the dark times. If there is no love, then you may have to cut free and move on.


It's difficult to give better advice without knowing more (I'm not suggesting you give any more information than you are comfortable with)

Talking to your gp is good advice, they may be able to suggest other things you can do.


Best wishes, hope it all works out for you.

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thank you for advice i told this person though i told the truth but they dont wanna know i tried my hardest to tell them how i felt back then and now still nothing everything i ve done inside me i was hurting hurting like hell i wish i told his parents how i felt about them blaming me and hating me when it shouldnt be like that he too is to blame we both done terrible things but i dont see his parents being like this with him its not right and its not fair why should i get all the blame its gonna be hard coz we have kids together

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