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  1. has no one worked out yet that the bigger the glass house the less care about a broken window, throw yer stones lol
  2. interesting.... i will go for love, support and understanding, i am self aware but think i am far from being the perfect parent..... if there is such a thing. i might add that the above are unconditional
  3. hey Medusa got myself a tens machine, the one with four pads on seperate leads and whilst its not fantastic, its a massive help not so much when you first play with it lol, jolted myself a couple of times lol . It has helped though thankyou
  4. Hi all Four weeks ago i went along to a childrens party, sat chatting in a garden chair i became aware that i was uncomfortable, standing up i felt a little bit of an ache, within 5 mins i was in excruciating pain, i managed to get home and into bed but not without screaming several dozen times, i was in a very bad place, i couldnt move without getting sharp stabbing pains throughout my body, the pain spasms were every few mins and were enough to make me yell and bring tears to my eyes. We called a GP who said that he could only class it as sciatic pain, he gave me diazepam, anti inflammatory and co-codamols needless to say they didnt have any effect, four days later we called again and i was given a bigger dose of the same meds. Now i am at four weeks, i can just about get around my home but with difficulty, the pain has become more localised, i believe now that its the sciatic nerve, the problem i am having is that the pain meds are having no effect, i cant remember the last time i slept for more than about an hour, i am so tired, self employed and cant work...depression is setting up a home in my head, i am emotional and dont have any faith in my GP whatsoever, any ideas or tips from those who have or are having similar problems would be very welcome.
  5. just so that you guys know, i looked around for advice and found a guy that recommended smoke, incense to be exact....so i burned incense sticks in the loft space, big ones like a garden type, very cheap in the town they burn for about an hour and were insect repellent, went through four packets burning them in small bundles, (in a bucket of sand i might add), seems to have worked a treat, no sign of the bees for about 5 days now and the house smells lovely lol. ---------- Post added 07-06-2014 at 08:11 ---------- please, please people, if you use this method be super sure that you take every precaution to guard against fire.
  6. the reality check is that they can produce 40-60 lbs of honey, this is quite a weight to have hanging up in the loft, then there is the defense of the hive to contend with everytime i need to enter the loft, remembering that the hive could when it reaches its max occupancy contain up to 35.000 bees....sorry but i think these two reasons alone are enough for me not to want them inside the house, if when i locate the hive (not had the bottle to look yet lol) it is small enough for me to bag and remove then i will save them. Oh and bees have no legal protection in the UK. ---------- Post added 23-05-2014 at 23:09 ---------- Thankyou for the advice 999tigger, i will have a ring round in the morning
  7. I have a honey bee hive, not sure where yet lol but i see the little stingers coming and going via the eves on my house, the hive is not visible outside so i presume them to be in the loft....what fun , anyways if any body wants them, please come and help yourself, i am told killing them should be a last resort....they are on borrowed time lol the eviction starts on Monday. On a serious note though, i dont know if they are relocatable, looking at them they look like honey bees, defo not wasps or hornets, if any body has any sensible advice i would appreciate it, other wise they get the Raid lol.
  8. Well i have been out today and had a good walk, 6am from castleton and didnt see a soul until 10:30, it is very wet on the hills with most boasting a couple of inches of soft mud, the ground is sodden and the paths very very wide as walkers try to avoid water build up along the paths.
  9. I imagine it to be an almost impossible task keeping the paths in good condition, maybe eventually they will pave the paths as has been done in several areas but being honest it sort of detracts from the hill walking experience, is it the same in the lake district, how is the problem dealt with up there?
  10. Thanks fella, i purchased a new body but have mailed him with a view to getting the old one fixed. ---------- Post added 27-01-2014 at 11:17 ---------- Turned out to be between £115 and £164, seems to be a better idea to get a new body, glad it wasnt an expensive camera
  11. Upset is not even near how i feel , Its only a Sony Alpha a200, dropped and broke the lcd display, the camera is fine, i checked. I can if pushed repair it but....well its the but that puts me off, there are many self help videos on youtube etc....errr yeah... does anybody know of a decent but reasonably priced fixer lol.
  12. Wet, Coooold, Windy, really hard going in the thicker layers, the old plates of meat feel bruised... but i enjoyed every minute
  13. Am planning an over night walk tonight, top end of stocksbridge over the Howden Moor, down onto ladybower, across to Win and Lose hills, finish in Castleton, Howden is the one that bothers me the most, every time i have been up there i have gotten soaked so everything is in a black bag this time, loads of layers plenty of batterys cant wait
  14. Thats amazing lol sure i have seen her. i was on froggat edge late in the evening one night last week and there was a short skirted girl up there, was very late as well, about torch on time and it was cold.....
  15. Helpful...not "The camera is located at approximately 740ft above sea level and 2.5 miles from Kinder looking predominately at Kinder Low End" is it from the A57, the Edale Cross...i was trying to work out its location, if the white house in the bottom is the one thats just off Edale Road then yes i have an idea of where it is. Not that its important i was just interested.
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