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Advice needed regarding iphone 5 bought from Ebay!


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I have recently bought an iphone 5 on Ebay.

It was advertised as unlocked. When I received it-I checked and it is LOCKED and I cannot use it on my network.

The seller says he bought it from O2 but had requested it to be unlocked before he put it for sale on Ebay. He says : it is not a problem he will sort it out. He asked me to wait until he hears from O2. 4 -5 days have passed, no respond yet. Does it usually take days to get respond from O2 ?


Here are my questions:

Should I contact and report to Ebay?

If he does not help me sort it out - can I get this İphone 5 unlocked from phone shops? if so how much would it cost me?

Or can I contact O2 myself to get it unlocked?


Any replies would be appreciated. Many Thanks...

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I found this on o2 website - http://tinyurl.com/5w2gk5g

"To make sure our iPhone 5 stock is reserved exclusively for genuine O2 customers, while the demand remains high, we won't unlock the iPhone 5 at this time"


You can unlock it yourself - ebay unlock iphone 5 o2.

Or take it to your local phone shop - unlocking it should cost around £20-30


You can also get these sims that unlock the phone, plenty on ebay. Not sure how good they are.

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