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  1. He's not parking in front of the steps. I am parking about 1 or 2 feet in front of his property so I can leave the steps clear, I'm not preventing him parking but he's angry that I'm parking (very slightly) in front of his property. I have even told him it's public highway so there's no parking bays nor parking restrictions. Who gave him the ticket? Was it the Police or SCC?
  2. My road is slight raised outside my property and there's 3 steps from the pavement up to the road. I am no youngster and I do find these steps useful. I know it may sound logical, however, is there any legal reason to keep these steps free for access? https://www.dropbox.com/s/1z2cxg8vkizjh4c/Steps_Aug09.jpg?dl=0
  3. Wish someone would call me sweetheart...
  4. Went for a tram this morning and looked at the screen for the time of the next tram I could not believe it when it displayed "Please refer to Saturday timetables for Today" Just wonder why they could not display the times for Saturday or would that have been too complicated!!!
  5. What they were doing has nothing to do with rubbish collection as they do not do collections on bank holidays!
  6. Yes, and the residents were out there sunbathing with their G&Ts ::rolleyes:
  7. Not collecting any bins. Don't think they ever collect on bank holidays. Just took photos of 2 houses next door and then moved on.
  8. Very difficult to stop littering. Quite a few have no idea they can be fined and others are not in the least worried. As an example, I've walked along the Don recently and the river seems strewn with litter everywhere, both the footpaths and the river itself. There are volunteers who do attempt to clean up the footpaths on a weekly basis. Some dog owners, be it an isolated few, pick up their dog mess in plastic bags and throw the bags into the bushes.
  9. A Veolia rubbish lorry was around Gleadless & Manor Top taking photos of some properties. Does anyone know what they were up to?
  10. I have a wild bird at home - no idea what to do with her...lol
  11. Gas cut off due to adverse weather conditions. Was a warning on the news this morning,
  12. Interesting thought came to me the other day. I take photos on both my cam and my mobile. All my cam photos are copied to laptop, which is constantly being backed up both online and locally so that's no problem. Selected photos on mobile, which is a Galaxy S7, are copied to laptop as and when I need them. What methods do you use to auto backup mobile data?
  13. Has anyone had any problems cancelling their membership at Xercise4less!
  14. Thanks Simon I'm now at the Premier level..
  15. Has anyone used Gurushots to promote their photos? I have tried it and have reached Premier level in only a few days. Free to join. https://goo.gl/kz6hZe
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