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  1. There was a very interesting program on the box recently re Sheffield Station. I can' t recall what it was.
  2. Latest news from the Sheffield Telegraph https://www.sheffieldtelegraph.co.uk/news/people/major-boost-for-dedicated-sheffield-litter-pickers-as-city-company-joins-battle-against-dumped-rubbish-3232126
  3. Hi Ginger You are welcome to join the Sheffield Litter Pickers facebook group and we have about 3500 members. We have many small groups which cover most, if not all, areas within Sheffield. The only things you need, apart from enthusiam, is gloves , bags and pickers. Gloves are probably the most important. We may be able to give you some bags but they're easy to get. We might be able to loan you a picker. You can see where we do picks by looking at the Events page. Hope to see you soon. Sheffield Litter Pickers
  4. If you want to help, we have a team of over 3000 volunteers that help keep our streets, footpaths, parks and many other places clean. We have Events, each in thir own location, and you can PLOG for as long as you want. Some can only spare one hour, others can spend as long as they wish. Between us we can help keep Sheffield clean and tidy. Do come and join us! Sheffield Litter Pickers
  5. Unfortunately we are unlikely to solve the litter problem in Sheffield in the near future. If do want to help, we have a team of over 3000 volunteers that help keep our streets, footpaths, parks and many other places clean. We have Events, each in thir own location, and you can PLOG for as long as you want. Some can only spare one hour, others can spend as long as they wish Sheffield Litter Pickers
  6. Thanks Kidorry Do you know roughly when that was?
  7. Does anyone know what the pillars, outlined in red, were for? https://ibb.co/nbJ76xb
  8. Does anyone know what these columns (outlined in red) in the water were for? Mill Run
  9. I have a Garmin Forerunner 735 and the route is downloaded using Mapmyrun. The maps are certainly good for me.
  10. Yes, Apparently it is used to collect surface water coming down the hill by Newfield school, as informed by a nearly resident.
  11. Public transport to the park, at both ends, is reasonably good. Plenty of buses to the Hallamshire hospital and about a 5 min walk from there. There's also plenty of buses down Ecclesall Road. Again, only a short stroll into the park.
  12. This may not be of much help however, if you have a GPS watch then you can monitor your activity provided you do the course. This can be recorded on the Strava app. Alternatively, you can use MapMyFitness provided you have GPS on your phone. Not much help if you need to pre-plan your walk. Google maps is quite good but I believe you are limited to 10 positíons unless you upgrade. It's also not much good if any of the route, such as footpaths, are not known to Google. This is a bus map route I prepared for a location in Turkey. Both the lines and locations can be customised. I combined both route ( 1st and 2nd half) to get the complete route. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1tb3rpjWxnBDW9HndvzDiuy8bmjQ&ll=37.31548799503199%2C27.291450849144827&z=12
  13. If one is walking from Blackstock Road, by the recycling plant, towards Graves Park, there is an area fenced off. Does anyone know why this is fenced off? I have a photo of the area and it's about a 5 min walk before Newfield School. Í'll try and add the image later once I've fathomed it out. Anyone familiar with the area may know what I mean. The GPS location, if you're familar with Google Maps, is https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/53%C2%B020'57.2%22N+1%C2%B027'29.4%22W
  14. Do we still have traffic cams in Sheffield?
  15. This could be classified as one exercise a day. Very good exercise if you catch a big fish..
  16. They may be closed for maintenance or lack of supplies.
  17. The one at City Road, Manor Top, is open 24/7 and is self-serve. Right next to the Asda store.
  18. He's not parking in front of the steps. I am parking about 1 or 2 feet in front of his property so I can leave the steps clear, I'm not preventing him parking but he's angry that I'm parking (very slightly) in front of his property. I have even told him it's public highway so there's no parking bays nor parking restrictions. Who gave him the ticket? Was it the Police or SCC?
  19. My road is slight raised outside my property and there's 3 steps from the pavement up to the road. I am no youngster and I do find these steps useful. I know it may sound logical, however, is there any legal reason to keep these steps free for access? https://www.dropbox.com/s/1z2cxg8vkizjh4c/Steps_Aug09.jpg?dl=0
  20. Wish someone would call me sweetheart...
  21. Went for a tram this morning and looked at the screen for the time of the next tram I could not believe it when it displayed "Please refer to Saturday timetables for Today" Just wonder why they could not display the times for Saturday or would that have been too complicated!!!
  22. What they were doing has nothing to do with rubbish collection as they do not do collections on bank holidays!
  23. Yes, and the residents were out there sunbathing with their G&Ts ::rolleyes:
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