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Commuting Sheffield to Gainsborough


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Thanks maxofe that's quite reassuring, that's the route I was planning on taking. Did you/do you get many problems on that route with traffic jams etc or is it generally ok? I'm trying to decide whether to accept a job there...



Hi metalman, I've done the run once before out of rush hour and I was a bit worried about all the average speed cameras, that's why I wondered if there was another route I could consider...

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Not that I know of. You've also got that junction in the middle of Bawtry to contend with, where you have to do a right-left dogleg. The first of those junctions could really do with some lights on it as you can be stuck there for ages trying to get out.

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I used to do this; living in the south west of Sheffield, my route was A57, M1, M18, A1, A614 to Bawtry then along that ridiculous 50 MPH speed camera riddled section of the A631 to Gainsbrough.


It's been a few years, but was normally an hour, leaving Sheffield at 7.30 AM.


Never had a problem in Bawtry to be honest, you might have to queue for a few minutes before getting over the bridge into Gainsbrough in the morning, but it's not exactly a busy route - you'll find yourself going against the flow of rush hour traffic for the most part, especially in the evening.


My biggest issue was the A1/A614 junction as that was horrible in the evening, but since that has all been elevated it shouldn't cause any problems.

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Forgot the A road number. It's been a while..
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I did a few weeks of different routes, and whilst the M18/A1 link sounds a bit odd, it's certainly better than driving through Maltby as it avoids the added mess of the school run.


It also means the only speed cameras on the entire route are between Bawtry and Gainsbrough, nothing before.

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