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  1. Also took me ages to find her as she wasn't on Facebook ? She is now tho!
  2. Just got back from king size near castle mArket.......got some £11.25 ?
  3. Just googled. Could it be king size on exchange st? I want to ring first to save a wasted trip ? ---------- Post added 05-11-2015 at 11:37 ---------- They have them!!! Thanks.
  4. Morning good people, I need to buy some coloured cocktail cigs today if possible, so online is not an option. Please shout up if you know anywhere I may purchase some. I hAve been advised that there is a shop on Whittington moor, chesterfield, but their phone number doesn't work. Happy to nip there if it actually exists? Many thanks, max.
  5. i think my (late) father was there at that time, Terry Smith. he told me all sorts of horror stories about some of the teachers.
  6. theres a pair on fleabay at the mo that are only bid up to a tenner and look new, but theyre a size 11!!!!! mine are a 7 and look mahoosively long.......................anyway barg http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/monkey-boots-black-size-11-skinhead-mod-/271800048237?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item3f488b9a6d
  7. it wouldnt bother me tbh, unless we had to drive to the bins!
  8. i was looking the other day and presumed it was going to be a garden or carpark as they were laying hardcore, but no foundations. anyway, i would also be interested in knowing
  9. afternoon, has anyone tried this chippy now its re-opened? GB's didnt last very long, so we didnt get a chance to pop in.
  10. Could his father be called Eric? Or have a brother called vernon? I'm not on any genealogy sites so can't look myself, thanks.
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