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A big THANK YOU to Foster carers


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Hi, I haven't used Sheffield Forum for long but a lot of what I've read so far is so sad, demoralising and argumentative, there seem to be very few threads that bring good news or praise. Well I want to try and rectify that a little with some GOOD NEWS and PRAISE. We had a 1 year old pup called Poppy, shes a lovely little dog but due to unforseen ill health in my family we couldn't give her the time she deserved for walks and training though she got plenty of love off us. We eventually decided Poppy needed a new home with someone who could give her what we couldn't...it wasn't a decision we made lightly. My daughter posted on here what our problem was and immediately a young woman came to our aid, she told us she would foster Poppy until a suitable home came along, she invited us to take Poppy to her home and meet her family and other pets, this young woman has gone out of her way to put our minds at ease and gives us regular updates on how Poppy is. So CHEZZFAYE thank you so very much, foster carers like you dont get enough praise for taking animals into your own homes, all you want to do is help and care and for that I cant thank or praise you enough. THANK YOU to each and every foster carer for the selfless job you do :)

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I know you have :) but as i said not many people seem to have a good word to say about anyone so i thought id change that a bit. Sounds like we did the right thing for her as well, with all the hospital visits she was on her own too much and now shes got buddys to play with :)

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well done chez :thumbsup::thumbsup: & every one that fosters

do you want me to do a private rehome page on the facebook page

i don't know who is rehoming her you or kellysmum ?

let me know either way :)

im rehoming her, and yes please hun shes on i need a home already i put her on.


if you tell me what info you need il send it you

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Hahaha thats Poppys "I hate baths" face lol it wont let me comment on photobucket for some reason but she looks 2 shades lighter :) and yep she def needs a trim bless her, she looks lovely when shes been done. Sorry to hear about your son hope he's ok now, i was going to wash her blanket before she came to you but that would have defeated all object of having a familiar smell round her but now she knows you all that wont be a problem :) Ah well best get ready for hospital :(

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