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  1. We have recently relocated to a new bigger and better premises at herdings our new address is now 155 Morland Road, Sheffield, s14 1td . we can be contacted either via the Facebook page via phone on 07551846012 or via email on fluffball.dog.grooming@gmail.com our opening hours are 9.30 to 5pm Mon to Friday, 10 till Sat, closed we'd and Sunday
  2. hi kay would you be willing to do home visits for them, one is very nervous due to being a rescue and does not do well anywhere other than at home
  3. might be ok then could you send me her details please
  4. possibly what does her husband look like ie tall or short
  5. im looking for a pet sitter for when we go away for a few days in july and possibly a week in august. the pet sitter needs to be female one of my rescues is terrified of men and have experience with large dogs. thanks for looking
  6. I dont have many appointments left over the next few weeks. If you would like one get in contact, these appointments are going fast so be quick. Monday 23rd may 12pm Wed 25th may 4 pm. Tuesday 31st may 2pm Thursday 2nd june (11am bath only) Friday 3rd june 2.30pm. i will be closing down for a month in July for renovations, which will include an upgraded bathing area and redecorating. my last appointments will be on Wednesday the 29th of june, our reopening date will be wednesday 3rd august
  7. sorry only just noticed this whats measurements of yours
  8. does any one need to upgrade a viv, i have a custom build one that i am wanting to downgrade. looking to exchange it for either a fish tank or smaller viv, if anyone is interested please message me and i will get measurements
  9. im looking at limo hire for my wedding in july, can anyone reccomend a company please. or would anyone like to do me a quote ---------- Post added 06-02-2016 at 13:52 ---------- can anyone recommend someone, as all the company's i seem to have found are not great at replying
  10. can any one recommend somewhere for wedding dress alterations and dry cleaning
  11. JANUARY SALES OFFER. 10% off any bath and brush or full groom between the 4th to the 31st of January. This offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.
  12. we are just starting to plan our wedding and i need some serious help. i need recommendations for a venue where we can get married then stay and have the reception with approx 50 guests for the ceremony and 150 for the reception with a buffet and preferably dj included. cars he wants something a little bit flashy. then cake flowers and photographer. preferably in close by to sheffield, that will look nice on the photos an doesn't cost the earth
  13. opening hours are changing again. monday 8 - 2.30 tuesday 8 - 2.30 wednesday 8 - 2.30 thursday 8 - 2.30 friday closed saturday 8 - 2.30 sunday closed we are starting to book Christmas appointments already our last available appointments will be on 19th December due to us closing down for Christmas/ new year weeks. appointments from 16th November to 19th December will require a 50% non refundable deposit to book ---------- Post added 24-09-2015 at 20:20 ---------- the shop has nearly been open six months now to celebrate this fact i will be holding an offer. 20% off all grooms(not to be used with another offer) between Monday the 5th and Sunday 18th of october
  14. hi all i need to find a childminder in s13 to do school pick ups and tea a few afternoon a week for 2 little boys with challenging behaviour, does anyone have any recommendation please
  15. thanks i will pass all the information on
  16. thank you i will try them, yes your right it the getting it to a garage thats the problem no mot/ tax or insurance so we cant exactly drive it to one
  17. is it possible to get a mobile mot done in sheffield s12, if so can anyone recommend a company
  18. my opening hours between now and september are monday 9.30- 4 tuesday 9.30-4 wednesday 9.30-4 thursday 9.30- 4 friday 9.30- 4 saturday closed sunday closed these changes are due to childcare issues during the school holidays.
  19. we now stock some of the friendly dog collars range. pictures of them can be found on the facebook page
  20. hi Rebecca im a groomer that has a few appointments next week, this is due to me only being open 10 weeks if you would like to check out my work please look at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fluffball-dog-grooming/1557824801155000
  21. we now stock 1ltr bottles of kennel disinfectant from mistralie for £9.50 a bottle http://mistralie.co.uk/collections/pet-products/products/odourfresh-pet-disinfectant-standard ---------- Post added 21-06-2015 at 12:51 ---------- I have decided to run a offer between now and the 4th of july for 20% off the price of a bath and brush. It is not to be used with any other offer, the discount will be taken off the overall price if more than one dog is booked in. the salon is only open monday to thursday this week due to the fluffball team going to dogs unleashed.
  22. hi everyone i am the owner of fluffball dog grooming. we are based at 32 ballified drive, handsworth, sheffield, s13 9hs. contact details are phone 07551846012 email fluffball-dog-grooming@talktalk.net facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fluffball-dog-grooming/1557824801155000 I only have one dog in for grooming at a time so I can work on a one to one basis with your dog so it gets my full attention. Because I work this way I have no cages which means less stress for your beloved pooch and a much happier grooming process. I am currently at Sheffield College doing a refresher course on dog grooming after a 6 year break, due to this my prices are a little cheaper than most other groomers and will stay this way until dec 2015. my opening hours are monday 8 - 2.30 tuesday 8 - 2.30 wednesday 8 - 2.30 thursday 8 - 2.30 friday closed saturday 8 - 2.30 sunday closed these may be subject to change ie during school holidays due to childcare. thank you for looking cheryl ---------- Post added 29-05-2015 at 22:39 ---------- we are now closed until 8th june, the phone will not be answered until this date but txt messages and messages through the facebook page will be responded to in due course.
  23. We have been her a few times and never had a problem my kids actually love the place, so when my youngest asked for his birthday party to be held here i thought it was a great idea. what a bad decision that turned out to be booked the party and paid the deposit, i phoned up Thursday to confirm the party and tried to explain we had 2 children with dietary issues and was told this was no problem they could cater for them. today we turn up for the party and as im trying to sort out the party i get told in a very abrupt manor that i need to pay for the party now or they will not open the gates and let me in, i pay for the party and again try to sort out food for the children with dietary issues and again im told not to worry. 20 mins into the party and the kids are called for face painting which i paid extra for but still no mention of food so i went and spoke to another member of staff no one knows about the food as no body has passed the message on. finally get this sorted or so i think until the food comes out and the person serving has to be told several times not to give 2 children several items of food they finally get the very poor excuse for a meal handed to them. i complained to the manager at the end of the party and was told that the cannot prepare food for one of the children as they do not offer gluten free due to cross contamination, says on the menus that they do. i did not even get a decent apology for this very stressful performance of a party i paid £114 for 10 children and now i wish i had gone to runaround where they can cater for dietary issues and the staff are nicer
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