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  1. Does anyone know of any single parents groups within the Sheffield or Rotherham areas? I was a member of gingerbread many years ago but there is no longer a group in Sheffield unfortunately.
  2. Awwww she's adorable! Our leonberger is 2 now, he's pretty much eaten his way thru the house but other than that, he's amazing!
  3. I would do as others have suggested, get a camera up and see if you can find out who this is. Sure,y they could be reported for harassment?
  4. Could you maybe take them out on leads? I'm sure they'd be happier with you even if they have to be confined for a while. It would take time for them to settle into someone else's routine and area, and they may end up getting lost. Hope you manage to find a solution X
  5. I also have 5 month old cockapoos n used to live near S17, unfortunately I'm in Rotherham now or I'd have loved to have got them together
  6. Croft farm is great, as mentioned above
  7. The large one I have has a hook type bolt so the handle has to be lifted right up to slide it out. The Leo is like Houdini but he's never escaped from the savic
  8. I have a savic n the doors can't be moved. We've had it about 10 years for GSD's n it's still going strong. Bought a cheaper one in an emergency for our leonberger n he broke right out of it.
  9. I've had to leave the tv on for my pups as they too screamed all night. It did the trick last night for the first time so I'm hoping that continues. Good luck
  10. Corina at croft farm, Aston was great with our 2 giants
  11. Where are u based? I have 2 stinking Giants at the moment
  12. My sister has a bull mastiff, and so does her son. I'm sure she wouldn't mind you messaging her. Her user name on here is antibird
  13. We are using croft farm next week. It comes highly recommended so I'll let u know how it goes. First time we've use kennels too
  14. Can your friend not go back to the house now if she's moved out?
  15. I would probably interested. Hard work bathing a Saint Bernard and a leonberger in a domestic bath lol
  16. I had my vet and nurse come to the house. Inserted his drip, then let us spend time with him, feeding treats, until we were ready to let him go. Gave us loads of time with him afterwards too, then took him away for cremation. I will do exactly the same next time we have to go through this difficult time.
  17. I used Kate at muppets. She also runs agility sessions
  18. Do young have a copy of mums lineage then?
  19. Ask the breeders for a full copy of your pups papers
  20. 1 springer, 1 GSD, 1 Saint Bernard & 1 Leonberger
  21. Ah that's great news. Glad she's feeling better
  22. If you're in Barnsley, there's a fab vets4pets out there that seemed very reasonable to me (cheaper thN the one in sheffield and much longer opening hours) can't remember where it is, but it also has a hydro pool so that may help if u google it
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