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An address does not identify someone

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In another thread an address was posted.


A lost dog and someone said it might come from 123 xxx Street.


The 123 was removed with a warning about identifying people...


Several other random address I posted, just numbers and well known Sheffield roads were removed.


No mod has deigned to explain in what way someone is identified by an address...


Can you see any danger to an address being posted in that way.


I could see a problem if it said 123 xxx Street is a paedophile, it would be libellous and potentially dangerous (although an address can't be a paedophile).


But when it's "the lost dog might come from there" that's just helpful.

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Can you not see ? why should the number have remained "public" so people could call round willy nilly not knowing the circumstances, maybe he'd already had a dozen people knock seeing that post ? would you like your address posting on here in a situation like this ? i wouldn't. I totally understand where you are coming from but think about it, the guy could have been in anyone of a number of situations that lead to the dog roaming.

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Can you see any danger to an address being posted in that way

Sadly people post threads for all sorts of nefarious reasons. False accusation, entrapment, business disputes, love rivalry, etc.


Since the Mod Team have no way of knowing what's what, and who's who, it's always been thought to be sensible to maintain SF as an anonymous environment. Even where somebody personally ID's themselves in their username they are (or have been in the past) advised to have it changed to something that doesn't ID them.


I don't use my real name, and I assume that you don't either. :)

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