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Internet problems

John Stone

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Few things to check


- Check what package you are on with your provider

- Compare what they say with an online speed checker - use 2 or three and get an average as they are not 100% accurate, but should be enough to give you an idea

- If its way out go to your provider and ask them to look at it


- You might be able to upgrade to a faster package, but you might find you are on the best available in your area.


- In some cases a mobile dongle might get you better results - if you are a light user with just one laptop, a cheap 3G dongle could do you - if the signal is good in your area one of these could do you http://store.three.co.uk/Mobile_Broadband/Standard_Dongle


(This would be no good if you have lots of users in the house)

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Anyone recommend someone to speed up my Internet connection?


The question is too vague. Can you give specific setup and problems.




Do you use one or more computers on the connection? - could be the computer and not the ISP

Who is your internet provider?

Have you done a speed check?

Does speed vary at different times of day?

Is it slow for general browsing, downloading, streaming etc..

Have you scanned for Malware/Virusus?

Do you have programs like iTunes, Skype, P2P running in the background?


Basically the more info we have the better the help we can give.

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