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  1. gillybear

    Ethernet card/graphics card

    It will work no matter what, just not to 200mb.
  2. gillybear

    Old Pc Gaming - suggestions

    Finding a decent AGP could be expensive, Voodoo cards are in demand by retro gamers, something like a TNT2 maybe more affordable or even things more powerful but you're gonna have AGP voltage problems early AGP slots were 3.3v later ones 1.5v or 0.8v
  3. gillybear

    Disc F full - windows 10

    My guess would be that it's using a hidden partition to do backups to. Have a look for automatic backup.
  4. gillybear

    Where to buy rubbing alcohol

    Although not cost effective for the job in hand i have these in the garage for various jobs and they also remove TIM. https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Multi-Purpose-Decorators-Wipes-Tub-of-80/p/154808
  5. Medieval Total War collection is on Steam atm for £6.99. Says Recomended Windows 7 or 8 but i find most games on steam run fine on Windows 10.
  6. gillybear

    Scanner problems

    The lead shouldn't make any difference, if it prints it should scan. More likely to be a software issue. The scanner software is avaliable on the epson site (I downloaded it for that exact model last week)
  7. gillybear

    Windows update problem

    I have seen this problem recently although not quite as you describe. The problem was with word 2007 & the Update. Everytime a document was opened word would run setup, so i did a quick fix by renaming the setup.exe file. C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\OFFICE12\Office Setup Controller and rename the SETUP.EXE to NOSETUP.EXE worked fine, so far.
  8. gillybear

    I killed my DOS machine..

    I know it's sad, but i have most fun hunting down drivers and getting them to work, trying different cards and boot options. Plug and play is great, but i do like solving an IRQ conflict. And i love the old blocky graphics of DOS games.
  9. gillybear

    I killed my DOS machine..

    Thanks guys
  10. Whilst re-jigging my computer room, (box room really) i knocked a PSU onto my DOS Machine motherboard and although i see no damage now i can't get it to boot. (small lie there, i now see a bulging capacitor). It was a VIA EPIA-M 900Mhz ITX board and was running using a PICO PSU, with DOS and Windows 3.11 on an SD Card. I was planning a CF card booting Win98SE after xmas. Drivers etc have been a pain to aquire but it was a fun project i kept going back to. Now comes the ask... Does anyone have a socket 370 or 478 motherboard going spare, preferably with a CPU somewhere between 500Mhz and 1Ghz. Must be IDE which i think they all were. I can probably do a swap for some spare parts if required, may have a 775 motherboard and CPU. And before anyone suggests DOSBox, i enjoy the building. Thanks
  11. gillybear

    Winter weather thread 2017/2018

    Yep, and if you check now lowest is 0C, it's forcasting so really it's an educated guess and will change several times a day, but my observation was that you don't need to panic, it's just november and it's cold but it's not sub-arctic.
  12. gillybear

    Winter weather thread 2017/2018

    Where does all this rubbish come from, Met office for sheffield for the next 7 days doesn't give a temp below 1 degree although there is a warning of icy conditions overnight saturday and sunday. Moscow forcast is for -3 to -4. It's November sounds like typical conditions to me.
  13. gillybear

    Removel from a site

    Are you logged in to the website when you look at the options? Sites will only unsubscribe you if it knows who you are.
  14. gillybear

    Accounts software running on DOS

    I have a floppy drive on a mini itx system, it's all there but been in the attic awhile so i need to check it. If you're interested let me know and i'll dig it out. I remember having it running DOS from an SD card plugged into the IDE socket.
  15. gillybear

    Why won't laptop let me reset it?

    Looks like it has a 32Gb eMMC storage which limits what you can put on it. This is really a tablet with a keyboard. If she's only playing smaller games then it will be ok. Give us some idea of what she's playing. You could try Ccleaner to free up some space. https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner

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