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  1. £12.99 for a b and m usb drive is not a bargain. Lexar branded ones are only 6.99 on ebuyer. double the price for an inferior product is a rip off, not a bargain.
  2. Well you could just moan about how you can't understand why the whole city hasn't been gritted, even though it wouldn't have helped.
  3. Snow always brings out the idiots who think that gritting 1000s of miles of roads can be done in a matter of minutes, that's it's somehow magically able to melt away 5inches of snow. Then there's those who think that winter tyres somehow prevent you from being stuck behind every other car that's out. *****
  4. Well said! there are too many idiots who think that grit can deal with 3 of 4 inches of snow in 2 hours, most of which will have melted by this afternoon anyway. ---------- Post added 27-12-2014 at 07:57 ---------- Considering the snow fell less than 12 hours ago, on boxing day evening, and is due melt soon anyway, it doesn't seem unreasonable does it?
  5. Strange how the ukippers don't like to hear it when they are caught again for being racists. There's always some excuse isn't there? It's old news! It's a smear! He was taken out of context! It was the 70's He was on really strong drugs! hes only saying what everyone is thinking! Then a couple of days later when he gets fired ... Well done Nigel for getting rid of this person. His views are not those of the party. Look how quickly we dealt with it! It's just a tiny minority! There also some rabid defence of 'freedom of speech', but of course that only applies to the ukip racist, not to anyone who dares to question or criticise them.
  6. Exactly - this site is always having problems with malware ridden ads - totally irresponsible
  7. Excellent piece. ISnt it strange that ukip are only in favour of 'freedom of speech' and 'speaking their mind' when it's them doing it, but they actively try to shut down any criticism of them.
  8. Show us where you can download Garageband for Android? Pixelmator? Facetime? Sure there are alternatives, but no where near the quality. The difference in quality kids apps is ridiculous. There are just so many more for iPads.
  9. The problem is that adverts are often used to deliver malware (quite regularly on this site judging by the threads) as well as the extremely instrusive tracking methods they use. There's also the problem that site owners haven't got control over the ads, so it's not uncommon for inappropriate or distasteful ads to be served up which your site is then associated with. you could use a donation or subscription to encourage people who block ads to give something to the site costs.
  10. Oh **** off. It's the least busy time. You will always get some **** who thinks his journey needs to be 15 minutes shorter. You are that ****.
  11. You realise that's not going to happen though don't you? It's not even on the cards - at best theyll cause a few upsets, maybe a few surprise second places. They will have done well if they can get 5 mps - even that isn't likely.
  12. Get a PS3 - go for a later model, 500gb super slim, should cost you about £100 used with extras. Avoid Xbox 360 unless you want the sound of a jet engine running in your house whenever it is on.
  13. The fact that you have [2] after it means you have downloaded it at least twice already. Open office is t really worth the hassle - there is nothing wrong with the online version of office - you can save the output locally anyway.
  14. Why bother. There are already plenty of barely functional android tablets available - this is just the same but with fewer apps and more spyware.
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