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Please help! Council Tax Summons Letter

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Hello - can someone please help?!?


Myself and my partner received a letter stating we have been summoned to pay council tax! It we moved into our property in august 2012 and it wasn't until November that we received a bill. We paid it as best we could and called them stating we will still be behind in April. They said in April we will have to make some for of re-payment agreement which they said was okay.


Now we've received this letter and i'm totally terrified and stuck! What can i do? The thought of going to court terrify s me. We haven't received any reminder letters or anything so now incredibly worried.


Please can someone help!?

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I'm so worried...I work 8-5:30. Can someone ring on my behalf?


Sat at work in a total panic!!!


im sure your employer will understand the urgent need for you to make a personal call whilst at work ... you are on the internet using a social forum now, so im sure a quick call wont be a problem

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