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  1. Hi there I saw this lady two years ago and I can't find her phone number anywhere if any one has it can you inbox it to me please I'm looking to make another appointment thank you all
  2. does anyone know why theres so many police in town just read it on someones fb but cant find out why and my daughters gone to town xx tia
  3. This is why I put it on here to see if I could get some contact , but sounds like he's to busy with what u said . Will keep trying
  4. I have tried twitter Facebook and email and had no response at all :-(
  5. I know it's a long shot but my daughter loves this band and I'm trying to contact olly Sykes to see if I could get a meeting with my daughter so she can meet him , she is 15 and is obsessed with them , but has had a rough time recently and I want to cheer her up , she's having her next foot operation on the 24th of this month and has been dealing with the awful bullies at school because she likes this style of music videos put on u tube saying she should slit her wrists etc ( has gone to the police ) but I just want to try and make her smile . If anyone knows him with him been from Sheffield please can you let me know thank you xxx
  6. I'm just waiting on a message back x
  7. I have emailed the kings centre that's perfect thank you
  8. Yeah its silly xx I don't drive and it's two black bags full x
  9. We never get charity bags through the door :-(
  10. I have two big bags of clothes wanting a good charity , they are baby clothes up to a year old all girls , any help please xxx thank you
  11. That was her yeah , I. Have only seen her once , she seemed good , but first time I have seen anyone x
  12. I saw someone called Yvonne from raw marsh , she was lovely but u have to go to her xx
  13. I saw a women called Yvonne she was very good and not expensive at all xx
  14. See if this works http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=293f5o5&s=5
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