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Did anyone see the shooting star?


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About ten minutes ago I saw the most amazing shooting star I've ever seen; this may sound silly but it was so close and big in the sky, and coming down at such a steep angle I actually braced myself for a loud bang of an impact :hihi:.

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Me and my daughter saw it. We were in the car pointing towards the north when it shot low across the sky, south to north.


Very large and bright, I think I've just seen my first meteor.




Edit: I've seen loads of shooting stars, so when I said meteor I meant meteorite, something large enough to hit land. As That easy said, we were bracing ourselves for a bang too.

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I'm in Kimberworth in Rotherham (S61) and just passed my house. Got to admit not seen one that large before.


Done some checking and it's green/blue as it contains copper and when it's heated turns green.

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