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  1. It wasn't a meteor, it was a stray American cluster bomb. Get ready for WW3.
  2. I wouldnt be suprised if Lion bars are actually tiger!
  3. Its a matter of provenance and not being misled into thinking that you're eating something that you're not.
  4. Just found out my chocolate pudding contains 100% mousse.
  5. Well done for the most boring, predictable response ever!
  6. It does seem a bit harsh but it shouldn't take him 4 weeks to find a job somewhere surely.
  7. People always trot out this cobblers. It amazes me how strongly people defend their right to be a dirty ****! 99.9% of the time it will be easy to distinguish between a legitimate spit and someone just being dirty, and a police officer will use his/her discretion. ---------- Post added 13-02-2013 at 16:11 ---------- So whats your suggestion for dealing with it then?
  8. An Italian would have a good grasp of Vespa's.
  9. I bet they dont mind giving you ten minutes notice if they want you in the next day if its your day off They take the ****!
  10. Where are you? I'm in Stannington and its sleet that is falling.
  11. I'm interested in having a "scale and polish" done, but I havent been to my dentist for a while so I'm probably no longer registered there so I will need to use an NHS dentist. I'm prepared to pay, its about £47 I believe. Do I just ring up Max Clifford or some other NHS dentist and book an apointment?
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