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  1. Yes Sharon said that. Remembers the chippy near Bridge on Stainforth Rd
  2. My mate Stewart worked at the fiesta and then was a dj at steelys
  3. Just spoke to Sharon. She asked what your sister was called at school Tia
  4. It's the actress I'm inquiring about, she's well known
  5. Yesterday's second half was a shambles. I've not seen such weakness on the pitch for a long time. 52 years watching my team and I hope we don't slip back to the mid 70s days before Charlton came in. 8k gates and chatting girls up on the lepp watching Sammy and the EBRA gang ******* about was the highlight back then!!!
  6. Does anyone know if Sharon was born on Attercliffe and attented Woodburn Rd school. Tia
  7. Good to see this thread still running after many years. If pat Roberts is still on here can you let me know how Norman and you guys are. Thanks
  8. Just to add a quick post here.The owls had lost the last four games and as such a point does steady the ship.sufc controlled the game and failed to score,swfc defended and had very little going forward.Result a draw.Now mr wilder made comments regarding the owls squad ete ete which for me were a bit odd???.Firstly the so called big earners wernt in the team ete which if I was him would have been a bonus???.Also make these comments pre match not after failing to score against a team leaking goals and struggling.Finally if utd had won the game he probably would have not discussed this.Managers have passion and class generally whatever the result,he has passion but for me not much class.Be interesting if anyother clubs team situation gets mentioned in his interviews if sufc fail to take the points after dominating games the rest of the season ??rolleyes:
  9. :hihi::hihi:ah well nothing ventured and all that!!!!:D
  10. :hihi:.In all honesty I think if utd strengthen in the new year they have a good shot at playoffs.Ithink derby and norwich will stay strong and forest will kick on.Ithought villa would but there hit and miss.All the best anyway mate .uto
  11. :rolleyes:Yep we are in a poor position in a poor lg.We recently got to a play off final and then a semi in a better lg so that tells its own story ie players not being available for various reasons.Dubious practises will im sure be dealt with by the law and fa" im know expert on law tbh ". Clubs go threw rough seasons and have to dig in imo and im pretty certain the season the flip flops came off in your car park was one!!! Its football and has changed for the worse again imo.I actually think utd have done well even in a poor lg but the owls are struggling.long season with a lot more games so lets wait till may .
  12. shadow of many?????. on and off pitch????? sorry this is your second season in this lg is it not.I woudnt be s------ eachothers d ----- just yet pal down at lane.funny thing football:roll:
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