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To the people who left the very scared staffy outside tescos


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to the cold heartless people who left a very scared & very cold staffy

tied up outside tescos in chapeltown

you left this poor scared out its wits dog outside tescos i hope your very

proud of yourselves if you couldn't cope with this dog you should have thought about all this BEFORE getting it if you had one bit of doubt that you couldn't

cope you shouldn't have got it in the 1st place :rant:

what are you going to do now go & get ANOTHER staffy puppy thinking it will

all be ok from an i don't care who they go to breeder so long as you give me the

money :rant:

my daughter was in tears because it upset her so much & tony was heartbroken

just looking at it he offered to bring it home taking a big risk hoping it would be ok with our dogs but the staff at tescos had called someone to come for it

probiley the dog warden so that will probiley be ANOTHER staffy in the dog pound waiting its 7 heartbreaking days for you to come for it but guess what

you will never come will you, you spineless gutless tx@x & it will have a chance

being rehomed but if no one wants it it will be put to sleep yeah you should be

relay proud of yourself :thumbsup:

.......but what do you care eh its out of your hands now isn't it......

you know what they say don't you ''KARMA'' what goes around comes around

& i mean that for of you who have done this to any animal :rant:

rant over :mad:

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Oh Dear Fabc, how heartless - I hope they rott in hell.

I love staffies, they are just so loving and give their huge hearts over to their owners - and get repaid with this.


Lets hope someone does come for him and the owners get done with abandonement but we all know it won't happen. the RSPCA are dealing with crappy people like this every single day of the week. I don't know how they can do it all the time.


Rott in hell horrible people and good luck little staff

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i couldn't imagine doing it to any of mine i know times can be hard

but come on you work it out no matter what & if you can't find a way then at least give the dog some dignity & find a home for it i know some of the reasons people give for getting rid of their dogs are stupid but at least they have made sure they are ok in rescue or otherwise

not done what these gutless people have done it relay upset Fran she was in such a happy mood she went to tescos with her dad ( she dose every Sunday night ) its a father daughter thing :)

only to be faced with this horrible thing that someone has done the staff was upset to tony said you could see they was relay quite you know you will have seen it before rain i don't need to tell you ,you know what i mean

its just horrible :(


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i can let you know more now tony has felt like talking

a couple working tescos called the rspca & they told the couple that

to leave it tied up outside if the shop

was shut by the time they got there & the couple didn't

want to do that so was going to take it home & have someone

collect it in the morning

now not to have a go but what happens if they had of done that &

someone who are wanting bait dogs saw the staffy ??

you just know what would have happened to it :(

i don't like to moan about the rspca because they do a great job

in saving lives of numerous animals but you can see my thinking :(

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The RSPCA website says if you find a dog tied up “Do not remove the dog from the location for health and safety reason.” Health and safety gone a bit mad maybe, but they could have other reasons as well I guess; I wonder if there could be some sort of legislation that says if someone removes the dog then it can no longer be classed as abandoned?


There would have been nothing to stop the couple waiting with the dog until the RSPCA had turned up to make sure no one took him. At least if the RSPCA had taken him he wouldn’t have the threat of being PTS if he isn’t adopted after a certain time limit, and he won’t end up taking up a rescue space in an already over stretched rescue that takes dogs from the pound.


The RSPCA could have investigated the people who did this (they could have been caught on Tesco’s CTCV) and possibly taken them to court for their actions.


For these reasons I think the RSPCA are the best people to call if you find a dog tied up in this way, even if they may need pestering and take a while to come out because they are so overworked, it is worth it in the end.


I’m not trying to criticise anyone involved in this story, I just don’t want people to be put off phoning the RSPCA if they find a dog abandoned in this way.[/


The RSPCA arent well known for a quick response. A few years ago I reported a dog left tied up outside my house (it was only a pup) this was at 6:00pm. At 1:00am I could still hear the dog crying so I took it in my home. the RSPCA didnt turn up for this dog until 11:00am the next morning. You can hardly expect the couple to stand outside with the dog all night to protect the dog do you? A job that the RSPCA get £millions every year to do but somehow never seem to be doing much of. If left for the RSPCA that dog would have either died a scary lonely death left outside (can u imagine how scared & confused that poor animal must have been) or even worse picked up by scum looking for bait dogs. At least this way it has some chance.


Well done to those who care enough to act & not just leave it

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I wonder if there could be some sort of legislation that says if someone removes the dog then it can no longer be classed as abandoned?


thats exactly it, some horses 'escaped' from a well known animal sanctuary. These horses found there way onto our road where we took them in and put them in one of our fields as the only sensible thing to do so they werent on the road. we rang the rspca thinking that maybe we would have them for a day or two before they collected them, but basically they just said that it was our problem now, not theres because we had accepted responsibility for them. and they were also quite threatening down the phone telling us that we had to treat them well and we maybe liable if they werent in good health.


we rang many other sanctuary's etc that day and they were all willing to help us any way they could by ringing round etc, even the police sent community support officers to help find the owners. as for the rspca they did sweet fa. one of the worst organisations out there in my opinion.

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i didn't want to make this an attack on the rspca at the end of the day

its not about them its about this poor staffy & like people have said you can't

say how long they would of been stood there with the dog outside in the cold

god knows how long it will have been out side in the 1st place & if they didn't

turn up until 2/3 hours after that would hardly be fair on the dog or the couple waiting with it in this freezing cold weather not forgetting they will of had

work again the next day i think what this couple did was very good of them

there is no way i would have stood outside in the cold with the dog

(not bothered about me) more for the dog staffys don't have a thick coat on them

as it is so this would of been highly unfair on the dog don't you think :confused::(

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