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  1. I didnt know this, I thought that was the only way in. We always pay. Which way do you drive in to avoid the hut?
  2. Yeh we've got the owner now. Just trying to reach as many people as possible. Dog coller had a number on it but it was disconnected, so a lesson to get these things updated.
  3. Have found a black dog in ringinglow cannot post a pic, but if it is yours get in touch.
  4. I honesty cannot believe this has happened. Doesn't it make a mockery of our democracy even more than it already is? The fact that you can basically sell your vote is now a thing. http://news.sky.com/story/dup-and-conservatives-make-confidence-and-supply-deal-10927704 Why not just state in your campaign, for every labour seat that goes Tory we pledge an additional 50 mil for that area. I am sure Northern Ireland needs the money as much as anyone else but that could have gone to the whole country on the NHS for example. Just my two pennies worth.
  5. Hi people Not been to a match in years due to me being a very poor student I've got some cheap tickets for tonight. They're for bramall lane lower tier, I thought this was for away fans, or is that no longer the case. Or has my friend stiffed me and got me some away tickets. Hope someone can help. And not too many sarcastic comments please.
  6. I think that's what i will hope for, just seems a silly amount of money at the moment for what you guys have said, very few games. I want one cos of Assassins creed unity, which wont be available on the 360. The stories of the xbox's troubles do worry me but all my mates have one so its one of those choices. NOTE TO MODS: It would be great when you move a post to send a pm to the OP, spent a good 5 minutes looking for where my post had gone.
  7. Ive got my birthday coming up and my gf is very kindly looking at buying me an xbox one/ps4. Ive had a look around and the prices dont seem to have dropped much since launch, not to mention that the packages are offering old games such as titanfall and assassins creed 4. Do you guys think this will be a bad time to buy either of the consoles, do you think that after christmas we will see a price drop as well as some better games offered with the console?
  8. I thought it was just me at first ill I rang them and got that message. We live in a rural area so its not that uncommon to just get localised problems. My phone doesnt seem to be working too well either, Im on EE ---------- Post added 28-06-2014 at 11:17 ---------- should be back up now ive heard
  9. I'm having problems too, I'm just on normal BT broadband. Facebook works, gmail works bu outlook doesn't and ironically the BT website doesn't work properly. I Tried ringing customer services but that is down as well with a major technical fault. At least I know its not just my line, just annoying and ruining my day off, online gaming.
  10. for the same price as the nvidia 760 you should also be looking a the amd R9 280.
  11. Hi, I synced a load of photos to my phone from my computer. I know need to get rid of them as they are taking up quite a bit of space. However due to apple being idiots you are unable to delete any synced files. I have tried reconnecting to itunes and deselecting the synced folder. It then asks if you would like to remove the files, I clicked remove. The problem is, nothing happens. The pictures are still on my phone and I am unable to delete them. Can anybody help?
  12. it depends entirely on what the manufacturers warranty/guarantee is tbh, and then you will have to look into what warranty.guarantee that amazon have. A lot of companies will have a one year warranty on third party items and then will refer you to the manufacturers warranty and say to take it up with them. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200376710 it states there that it is only a 12 month warranty. http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=468516 that states that you should then refer to the manufacturers warranty, you will have to check whether or not amazon is an authorized dealer of apple products. If it is and the fault is covered under apples warranty then it is apples problem, not amazons now. thats as far as I understand it anyway.
  13. Tbh, £30 could easily be a fair price. I dont know any musical repair shops but going on what other types of repair places charge for there services then it could be about right. Most places charge an hourly rate of around £50 an hour, that plus materials and half an hour to do the job could easily add up to £30. The cost of repairing things is why we live in a throw away society nowadays. we were quoted over £400 to repair our washing machine the other day for a £45 part. Obviously we bought a new one for far less. I would say if the Sennheiser's cost over £75 then they are probably worth the repair.
  14. why? im sure the OP was suggesting that a photographer offering child photography would at least know the best ways to have a child sit to get the best results or maybe a few techniques to make the kids smile. Not sure what you were thinking. I would have walked out as soon as they didn't include you in the selection process. we've had a few portraits done and my girlfriends family seems obsessed with them. you always wait a few minutes for them to touch the pictures up and select the best ones then the final decision is yours. It doesnt sound like you went through this process at all. Because if you didn't like the pictures at all I'm sure at the point you could refuse to pay for any pictures if they were rubbish.
  15. The two guys that dealt with us said differing things. The first guy with the anti virus hard sell stated that for an extra £30 the laptop would come with a dongle with a backup of windows on it. He said it was a special from the company and they only had one left in stock. The second guy stated that, you will need a 32GB dongle in order to back up your windows installation. Which I know to be true as it wont fit on a 16GB dongle and 32GB is the next size up. So whether the first guy was trying to sell me a 32GB dongle for £30 or there is actually a dongle available with windows on it I dont know.
  16. I do know a little about computers, I build mine and friends pc's but this was my girlfriends laptop and the salesman was talking at her, rather than me. I was just there to basically say no you dont need what hes suggesting. My main reason for coming on here was to check that there really wasnt anything to what he was suggesting. Isnt it possible that there are dishonest people there as well as honest? In fact your statement that when you were there the salesman told you that anti-virus wasnt needed shows that the sales guy that dealt with my girlfriend and me was more than likely dishonest and wanted more commission, if thats the way they work.
  17. cheers guys, just wanted to check for the girlfriends sake rather than mine. I would put a complaint in but the guy was quite canny in the way he went about things, he "advised" us and fetched the laptop, he then passed it onto a colleague who did nothing but put the details through there system and his name is on the sales receipt. Wouldnt be fair on that guy to put a complaint in.
  18. Hi, went shopping the other day for a new laptop for my girlfriend, we went to pc-world where we found one with good specs for a decent price that she liked the look of. Obviously we expected the hard sell of extras and anti virus software etc. but we got what I consider to be complete and utter lies which is why I am here to ask you guys for some clarification. 1. They were adamant that we needed a £30 dongle with windows on it or we could never have windows re-installed, I took this as false and so we said no. 2. The salesman was also very insistent on us having anti virus as your computer is completely un-protected without it. I then went on to say that windows defender is more than adequate for the average user. He then went on to say that if she did not have paid for anti virus software installed then if the computer was to be attacked then she would not be covered by the bank if her details were stolen. I have never heard of this so i'm guessing that he was just making stuff up for a sale. Or have I got both points wrong and I should have paid another £100 on top of the price for the laptop.
  19. Its pretty common for speakers to pick up and play signals. Most of the time these signals are just interference, but I have had a murmured noise once that I couldnt make out. The most common thing I get is interference from my mobile when its left near the speaker.
  20. that is true, but due to consoles having the same components game optimization is far easier and so it took years for the pc to catch up with the consoles shiny graphics. This is the first generation of consoles, in my view that has started behind what the pc can do and they will begin to look old quite quickly. Titanfall for example looks far better on the pc,
  21. Its technology like this that really makes me think that sony and microsoft made a huge mistake releasing there new consoles when they did. High resolution monitors are in the very near future (well they're already here but a little too expensive at the moment) and we will need graphics cards like this to be able to power them and still produce high frame rates. in 1-2 years time they will be able to match the Titan Z's power for a fraction of the cost as well as size and I think the consoles graphics will start to look quite poor, especially when they are still running at 1080. I may be wrong about the consoles but with facebook's purchase of occulus rift, technology that will be in our homes very soon I think it could signal a shift away from the consoles as they will more than likely not support this tech.
  22. http://www.ebuyer.com/259863-microsoft-windows-7-home-premium-w-sp1-licence-and-media-1-gfc-02050 dont know how that compares to the ebay copies, but its a very good website to buy from.
  23. it looks like the bars will have to be removed, I just wanted to check that there wasnt an important reason for them being there. The other units either side should keep it pretty rigid. ---------- Post added 11-03-2014 at 22:39 ---------- it is glued and dowled unfortunately, gonna have to take the saw to them .
  24. not really, the plinths then wouldn't fit and it wouldnt be inline with the rest of the units. and its the oven unit that will be cut not the oven,
  25. Hi, not sure if its the right section. Im currently fitting my new kitchen and Ive just cut the hole into the worktop to fit the hob into, it fits fine to the sides, front and back but sits about 5mm proud. The reason for this is the two strengthening bars running across the oven housing below. My question is, should I be removing the unit strengthening bars below so that it fits in properly, or is there something else I should be doing?
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