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Bunkbeds - what age?


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My oldest two share a bedroom and at the moment they are in a single bed, and a toddler bed. I am wanting to get them into bunkbeds instead to save on space What age can they go in them? Expecially the top bunk? My son will be 6 in May and my daughter is 3 in March. Would they be ok?

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Going on my experience, I would say they are fine. My eldest daughter is on the top bunk and started sleeping in one not long after turning 5. My youngest is 2 1/2 and has been in the bottom bunk since being 18 months. She has a bed guard on still, as she rolls out of bed still.


I used to be worried about my youngest climbing the ladder, but she never seemed to bother when she was younger and is now quite capable of going up and down on her own, much to my annoyance, lol.

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I would like to put my boys in bunk beds once my youngest is old enough for a proper bed. I have a bed guard on my oldest's bed who is nearly 5 but I am going to remove it soon and will save it for the bottom bunk.


I have heard that it says over 3 on bottom bunk and 6 on top but my little one will only be 1-2 but from talking to others their toddlers are fine on the bottom.


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I used to be worried about my youngest climbing the ladder


That is my main concern - I suppose every child is different!

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