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  1. This is why we were reluctant to order from them before this school year. The two years previous they were horrendous at fulfilling orders on time and also organising the dispatch/collection!
  2. Oooh I was going to try this place but was unsure at the time. I may have to sample with my friend who lives nearby
  3. Does anyone have the number jotted down by any chance without me having to wait to drive past. I would like to book!
  4. I think he means the lady knew she had done it and then carried on with her shopping, possibly moving her car!
  5. She is at fault...no argument. Send a pic of the layout and she is screwed ---------- Post added 09-01-2018 at 21:19 ---------- I did have a work colleague who applied that theory to crossing the road. She just walked out on zebras as if they were pavements. It really irritated me!
  6. You could always cut to size a single board if it is just one that has started to go soft then do the lot when it is time to do a new bathroom.
  7. My daughter got one from her Auntie for her birthday last Sunday. I didn't even know it was a 'must have' toy. I had never heard of them before.
  8. We used to do that in the toilet cubicles at school
  9. How did that go, I am awaiting the same op, just over a week to go!
  10. This actually made me chuckle a bit! (Coming from someone who does the same for 14 days!)
  11. They couldn't trace it to anyone though could they?
  12. If you have cut the logo out, how would anyone at the local dump know it was business related clothing?
  13. I keep distancing myself from the news lately but there was some MP on tv earlier saying oh he was young blah blah blah but I have read the previous posts now and can see that he probably hasn't changed, just got caught!
  14. Just a person who needs chastising for what he has done! Whatever was said/done 14 years ago, well lots of people are getting outed for what they have done so he should face the consequences too. However I do feel a little uncomfortable with someone trawling online to see what he wrote as a youngster (yes I know adult but still) although it is a good example for young people to see that what they share online can come back to bite you on the a*s.
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