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  1. Poolsbrook is like a mini rother valley but the parks are great. It is out of sheffield though but worth a visit
  2. We are holding a fashion show to help raise funds for my nephew. Tickets are £3.50 each and we are holding a raffle on the night. Refreshments available to buy on the night (cakes, wine etc). Cheap quality clothing from shoptodrop. Lots of high street shops clothing. It's held at at johns church ridgeway s12 3xx on Thursday 17th November 7pm Message me for more info and for tickets etc
  3. Ooooh this is good to know. My dog is raw fed and I sometimes struggle to get her good food. Will pop up at some point
  4. I used Mosborough Kennels back in May for a week. No complaints here.
  5. I second Slimming World. Its not a diet - its a lifestyle change.
  6. There's a mamas and papas outlet at Huddersfield which is definitely worth a visit. I made the mistake with my first child of not testing out the pram. Definitely try before you buy!
  7. Ridgeway are having a firework display on Saturday 31st October on the fields at the community centre. Tickets £5 adults, children free. Lots of entertainment for children and the bar will be open and also food stalls, like a bbq and cake stall. Come along to a great night. ---------- Post added 22-10-2015 at 11:20 ---------- Probably should have said, starts at 6pm. Fireworks to be set off between 7-7:30pm.
  8. Ridgeway are having a firework display on Halloween, with some Halloween activities for children. It's in the playing fields starting from 6pm. Tickets £5 per adults and under 16s free. Bar and food available too
  9. I saw her when driving back from the hospital. She did get clipped by the car in front of me. Hope she was ok.
  10. I'm in s12 and have plenty on my garden still.
  11. Have you tried Noodles at beighton? I'm not sure what they are like with special needs children, but worth asking them as they are quite local.
  12. Is he drinking water with his meals too? I would offer more snacks, healthy ones. Maybe give some weetabix before bed?
  13. Have a look on ebay, and charity shops. Babies certainly dont need brand new stuff.
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