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  1. There's also one on thursday afternoons at the other church on White Lane, opp chip shop. Sorry can't remember the name of the church. From memory I think it's 1:30pm it starts. The children's centre next to school also has a playgroup, although the waiting list was as long as my arm and I never got a spot. It's worth enquiring though, as it may have changed.
  2. Graves Leisure Centre have Pre-School Gymnastics classes from 18 months+ as well.
  3. My hubby has started riding to work last month. The abuse he gets is extraordinary, not only has he had abuse shouted from cars, he's had it from pedestrians that are no where near him. I'm just wondering if some of the abuse is 'bike rage' as people on a bike seem to get abuse for just being on a bike as some drivers don't seem to like bike riders and are happy to let them know. I also wonder if the lingo show is responsible for 'Nin Hao'. I have to say 'Wei' is my favourite character of the lingo show and has the most catchiest of the hello songs for the lingo show (http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/lingo-show/songs/lingo-show-weisong1/) I watch far too much cbeebies for my own good! lol
  4. I've had an email to re-register for the next one. I wouldn't have been better off on the last one as it cost more, but they would give me cashback after a year of £70 and it would have cost £60 to get out of my current deal. Thought I would register out of interest to see if this one would be better. We'll see.
  5. Birley is shut due to a teacher training day. Sheffield's half term is next week.
  6. My friend's youngest daughter had delayed speech, for no reason. She did it in her own time and now talks like any other child. At 18 months my youngest daughter wasn't really saying too much either and she suddenly just started saying more and more. I do think younger children start a bit later when it comes to talking as their older sibling talks a lot for them! Please don't worry just yet, I don't think you need to worry until they are just over 2 years old when it comes to starting to talk.
  7. Going on my experience, I would say they are fine. My eldest daughter is on the top bunk and started sleeping in one not long after turning 5. My youngest is 2 1/2 and has been in the bottom bunk since being 18 months. She has a bed guard on still, as she rolls out of bed still. I used to be worried about my youngest climbing the ladder, but she never seemed to bother when she was younger and is now quite capable of going up and down on her own, much to my annoyance, lol.
  8. Bailey Cox start from 3. My daughter went there and really enjoyed it, she stopped at 5 though to try something else. It's at Bannerdale Centre off of Carterknowle Road.
  9. I have a similar problem with my daughters and so have a fringe cut. My oldest has now grown it out and her hair is a bit thicker. My youngest (2) still has a fringe as she won't keep anything in her hair. The fringe keeps it out of her face and she looks less messy! It's a pain to grow out, and I really tried not to get a fringe for my youngest, but it's just the easiest option when they won't keep anything in their hair.
  10. My youngest daughter was exactly the same. I wasn't sure how to handle it as my oldest had been fine and had let us brush her teeth no problem. My youngest daughter kicked and screamed and clamped her mouth shut. I'm afraid we held her down to brush her teeth, but most other days I let it go as I couldn't bare to go through it again. I've always let her do her teeth on her own in the morning and I only try and brush her teeth at night. But she's now 2 years old and she is will now let us do her teeth quite happily. So there is light at the end of the tunnel! Hope this helps.
  11. Contact your local children's centre if you have children under 5. Some have a drop-in CAB session. Woodhouse Children's Centre has one, but I think it's Tuesday, so a long wait until then.
  12. It is difficult as you do have to lead a lot of it yourself. But having done two of the things that you are doing, I know it makes things harder. One is moving in during your pregnancy. I did this on my first pregnancy and you don't ever seem to get into the system properly when you have moved and come into somebody's care. My second pregnancy was with the same place throughout, but I opted to go to Chesterfield hospital, but all my community stuff was based in Sheffield. Again, it seemed to cause confusion, as the community midwive's don't really know how it works in Chesterfield. So both things together (moving and different hospital to your community care) must be causing you a lot of stress. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want (even if you think you are nagging), you won't get it unless you do. Stay firm on what you do want and do your own research on what services are available. I found I had to do my own finding out on what was available at the hospital, if there was a hospital visit etc, as the community midwive's only seem to know what's on offer at the usual hospital and not at my opted for hospital.
  13. My 5 year old gets nothing and we have no plans to give them pocket money any time soon.
  14. I think, if I've worked it out right, your child will start in September 2014, same as my daughter.
  15. Haven't been on for a while and I've missed your birth announcement. Congratulations on the birth of Jacob. Hope you are well and Jacob is doing well too.
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