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Wanting a career in the nhs but im a young mum?

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hello im just wondering if anyone can help me.


Im 20 years of age and have a 7 month child.


i have currently got qualification in business administration and have health and social care 2 b grades.


i am wanting to go further and work in the childrens hospital on the childrens wards helping out doing admin tasks ect. I dont no what this job would come under on the nhs website any one have any ideas.?


looking forward to someone helping me get back into the career i want to do. thanks

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Just go on to nhs jobs and do an advanced search, type in sheffield into location then how far you're willing to travel and leave the rest blank. It will bring up all jobs in that location.

Hope this helps, good luck x

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Can I suggest that you go to the Job Centre and ask them whether they will put you on the NHS Employability course which is run periodically at Castle College? It's 10 weeks of 2 days a week and covers everything from infection control and how to wash your hands properly to how to find and apply for careers in the NHS.

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I was just going to say what Medusa said.

The NHS employs quite a few people from the employability course. It may seem menial and not the way you want to go, but it is a foot in the door and is used as a stepping stone into other careers in the NHS especially if you go for the smaller hospitals like Weston Park and the Childrens. A lot of the clinical support workers and even a porter I know, started life in domestic services as ward orderlies and domestics.


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There a lot of part time opportunities as you have a young baby.

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