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  1. Do you think it might be a safety eye but without the back? I only say this because I've just bought a pair of cat's eyes from the market and they have a straight post.
  2. My husband tells me that the posh lighting showroom that used to be on West Street is moving there...
  3. We noticed the other day they have applied for planning permission to install registration recognition cameras
  4. That's very kind of you, I will try my hardest to remember and of course share the results of my quince cooking...
  5. Afternoon, has anyone seen any Quince? When I asked at the local greengrocers, they said Christmas/winter. I fell a bit embarrassed to keep asking every time I go by.
  6. Thank you everybody, I'll get down there myself as he's working and it's my day off, and Mossway, that was my idea also! It's full time hours, regular 8 - 5 so there must be a way...
  7. thank you everyone, I'll ask at the station and see what they say. If you wanted to talk to someone about buses, is there a place you can go to? like the desk there used to be at Pond St?
  8. thank you - that's what he has been doing, because of his start and finish times, but if he gets the rail ticket cheaper, is it still valid on the bus. It doesn't say no I guess... ---------- Post added 17-10-2017 at 15:38 ---------- I don't expect he'll use it for anything useful though!
  9. Afternoon. My son has just started an apprenticeship in Hathersage and we are trying to find the best value (not the cheapest) travel tickets. He goes on the train and comes home on the bus and he can use his return ticket to do this, but it's 27.50 a week to travel. I have two questions, 1. If he uses a young persons railcard to buy the train ticket, is it still valid for the return journey on the bus? 2. Is there an all encompassing rail/bus ticket monthly or weekly for a student or otherwise baring in mind we are using a different bus companies at different times AND that we cross the border? I've looked on the bus and train websites but can't get all the info I'm hoping that Andy C or one of the 272/271 regulars will pick this up. Many thanks...
  10. hello there, it's me again. I'm due for a clear out again, I've probably got about a shopping bags worth. I know you prefer thicker but I've got some 4 ply as well. You could combine it though. The problem for me is I've now moved further into town and my daughter no longer lives in High Green. Do you come into the centre at all? let me know....
  11. Oi Soi, kind off opposite Cosmos I think, or in that area anyway.
  12. I believe he can swap with any Housing Association or SCC, the SCC exchanges are managed by the Homeswapper website. It might be a bit quicker than just waiting for a swap to turn up. I would also ask SCC to consider rehousing on health grounds, although that could also take forever...
  13. There's a big Too Let sign in the window now
  14. There's the Nether Edge wood fired pizza Company. They do the Greystones on a Friday night but are available for hire.
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