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  1. Anyone no of any play groups for me n my son to go two hes 15 month i live in the shiregreen area.
  2. how much around? not 100 pound??
  3. does anyone on here mend mobile phone screens? my son has smashed my mums and now the phone as completely stopped working. its a blackberry z10 help appreciated???
  4. I think this post is discusting!!!i am a young mum with a partner and i have friends with kids and just cause they dont have a partner doesnt mean they did it for benefits!!!! Slating young mums even if they are single from no fault of there own!! We all have faults and opinions but this can really hurt some young mums feelings discusted!!!
  5. does anyone no where i can get a rastamouse outfit for my lil mans 1st birthday? he adores rastamouse xx
  6. thanks everyone medusa can i ring up and enquire at the castle college? x ---------- Post added 23-01-2013 at 15:03 ---------- the course is 598 pound i cant afford to pay it
  7. pj18 thanks for the comment i have tried this and im struggling. I can only work in sheffield due to having a young son and i dont drive:/ thanks for your input x
  8. yes it works may i ask what you work as? and if you could give me some advice on what im wanting to do? x
  9. hello im just wondering if anyone can help me. Im 20 years of age and have a 7 month child. i have currently got qualification in business administration and have health and social care 2 b grades. i am wanting to go further and work in the childrens hospital on the childrens wards helping out doing admin tasks ect. I dont no what this job would come under on the nhs website any one have any ideas.? looking forward to someone helping me get back into the career i want to do. thanks
  10. just wondering if anyone has lived in temp accomadation flats provided by target housing? if so are they full of decent people or drugies etc..?
  11. Asking price: £100 Condition of item: Excellent Location: S5 Further details cb11 royal python for sale.... forced to sell due to new baby.. comes with everything...snake, viv, plants etc... £100.00 ono ' plz email me on laura-louise2010@hotmail.co.uk Interested? Questions? To contact seller, click on their user name to access the Email or Private Message forms.
  12. Hand made cross stich baby names ideal to put into frame and hang on wall!how much would people charge? Considering the time and effort that goes into the production. please give me feedback!
  13. can anyone tell me what the area Manor Park Beaumont Road North is like?
  14. im natural blonde and had black hair for years i recently got my hair bck blonde but now wish to go back black agen i dont want to put an hair dye on as im having a baby will directs black hair pot wash out eventually?
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