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IPhone 5 on 6.0.2 not charging on USB


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I got my replacement iPhone 5 yesterday and it was running 6.0.1. I updated it to 6.0.2 but now it don't seem to be charging when hooked up to a USB on a computer , well not on my mac anyways.


I put it on charge 10pm and its now next day and it still has same charge in it ? However when I connect it to power plug it charges rapid style.


It's not my mac as it charges iPhone 4 up perfect and the it did my broken iPhone 5.


Could it be a 6.0.2 bug ?

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Could it be the amount of power coming through the USB port? I'm not sure, but I suspect some USB ports are more powerful than others...


However, iOS6 in general, seems to me a bit more sucky than iOS5.


Don't know but can't see it ? It is charging an iPhone 4 perfect running 6.0.1.


All I'm running is the iPhone from the back of the mac and a 1tb time machine but that's FireWire and that has its own PSU.


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I've just taken the phone from the mac and using same wire put it into the wall charger and in 2-3 mins the phone has charged up by 2%. While connected to the mac from 10pm to now charged up 0%.


I've got a iPad mini so I've swapped wires and same result no charging. The phone indicates charging with the lightning symbol through battery but not actually charging or discharging. It's kinda hung on whatever the power is when it's connected ?


Now I've just googled and there's 100's of sites it seems with charging issues with the iPhone 5 and the only solution is to swap it with apple.


So not good, less than 24hrs use and its broken :confused:


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I could have fixed it.


Looks like iTunes is the issue. I removed iTunes with a 3rd party app, clean my mac. I then redownloaded iTunes 11.0.1 and installed.


Now it looks on first impressions the charging % is going up.

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