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Car cutting out

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we have a vauxhall astra 51 plate, car is cutting out when my partner is drivin, he was doin 50 then geared down n slowed down to turn the corner and all the warning lights were on and it had cut out took about 5 mins to get it started again, rang some garages n they all busy this week any ideas?

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I had a similar problem to this on a Renault Megane, it was one of the coil packs needed replacing. Is it a bugger to restart once it has cut out? Are you losing compression when accelerating?

Oh, and take no notice of the Elocution Police?

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Just a thought ... if you have breakdown recovery, drive a couple of miles from home and ring them. If its the coil pack they will replace it at the roadside if they have one on board. They should be able to pin it down to one fault

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