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  1. Last week I was waiting for my dog to finish his poo when another dog walker walked past and said “ Hello” I took my eye off the ball, as it were to look at him to reply. I looked back and saw that my dog had finished. I dutifully bagged the offending material only to look and see another pile which actually belonged to my dog!! I had only bagged the wrong poop!! I wasn’t a happy bunny.
  2. What annoys me is these programmes where they get a third rate celebrity to make comments about comedy programmes from the seventies who then act shocked at some of the scenes. It was of the time and the way most people thought and it was subject matter that folk enjoyed or they would not have been some of the most watched programmes on tv. Fortunately we have all become educated to some degree and know these programmes cannot be made today and would quite rightly cause uproar if they were.
  3. Any argument you may have had is lost with use of the word ‘ sheeple’. It makes you sound like a schoolchild
  4. No it’s not! Any one dining out in a tracksuit, especially ill matching grey with baggy cuffs and arse that looks like it is put on daily straight from the bedroom floor should be castigated, lambasted and thrashed.
  5. Not an issue if you don’t have friends!
  6. Just breaking the baco foil out as we speak.
  7. Closer than that! They have flats on Victoria street, just off West Street, and also on Rockingham court.
  8. How did they manage to **** it up? I had a delivery to Argos, got a text to say it had arrived, I picked it up.
  9. I was on holiday last year and I was speaking to another holidaymaker who had cctv at his house. He was constantly checking it on line and actually receiving texts if there was movement in the garden! I go away and have a composite front door which you need a wrecking ball to get through, alarm system and good neighbours who have my sons phone number and who only lives 5 minutes away. There is a car parked on the drive but we never close the curtains. My insurance is up to date so I go away and don’t worry about the house getting broke in to.
  10. Hang on! It’s not been on topic since it started.
  11. It’s all down to respect. Respect for others, for others property, respect for rules and regulations that make us a cohesive society, respect for authority. I won’t go in to my past but we were 3 children with a single mum. Fortunately the love of a good parent is priceless! We were taught right from wrong followed by a clip round the ear for not listening followed by a dripping sandwich and a lecture. Sorry if that sounds trite but that’s how it was and it must have been done right because the only offence I have ever committed is a traffic offence of nipping over the solid white lane too late.
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