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Advice about sick note

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I have been given a doctors sick note which states that I need to have amended duties. I work in a super market. However due to back pains they are now telling me that after two weeks I have to do trollies but it clearly mentions on the sick notes that I cannot do trollies. What is my right to this?

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Im sure they are not allowed to force you to trollies. As it clearly states in your fit note you can't do them. Is there any other duties you can perform for your employer instead e.g checkouts?

Are you a member of an union?


More info: http://www.tuc.org.uk/extras/fitnote.pdf

What if the employer does not take action?

If the employer does not take action then the employee should not return to work. This is likely to be one of the most common problems. The Government advice says clearly that if the employer cannot make the changes then the employee should be considered to be unfit for work until they are fully recovered or the changes are made. Sometimes the employer will refuse to make the changes because of cost, but sometimes it will be because they do not understand the process or are unsure about how to implement the proposals made in the medical statement. Union representatives can play a key role in ensuring that workers do not go back until the recommendations on the statement are in place. If workers do go back to work without the recommended changes being made, there is a very good chance that the employee will have to go off on sick leave again, possibly for an even longer period of time.

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No problem. Good luck sorting this out with your employer. If might be work getting the union involved. Im assuming you are a union member.


If was your employer I would prefer you in work working on the checkouts. The alternative is to send to home and having to pay you sick leave. Its not a unreasonable request for you not to do the trollies and work on the checkout instead.

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Good luck with this I hope you get what you need to help you, but I will say that what a doctor puts on the note is seen as advice by companies. They are not bound by law to follow it, lets hope yours does.


I've been lucky that up to now mine has adhered to what the doctor advised, but on saying that I'd be onto union in a shot.

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