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  1. Yep I used Auto Kool (Barlborough) via the Groupon deal last year. No issues I had with them. Like the others said just logon to Groupon buy the voucher and ring them to make an appointment.
  2. Thats correct. I was given priority for domestic violence reasons and I work full time. I was given a housing association flat.
  3. I have to agree. I still haven't received my letter. Even thou I did call them and asked them about it three weeks ago They assured me I will receive my letter. Now I'm on the phone waiting for someone to answer to sort this out.
  4. When I phoned to explained it had a problem my the injector seals. He seems not very interested about it. I did persaude him to have a look but he phoned a couple of hours later to say to take the car away. At the end someone off here recommended MB services so they sorted it. However a couple of months later the head gasket failed. By which time I decided I had enough and decided get rid of the car. This happened a couple of years ago so things might have changed.
  5. The funny thing Hoggs refused to look at my car. So I took it to MB Services to sort it. Clearly my money was good enough for them but not good enough for Hoggs
  6. mrbrit is correct. Employers are entitled to ask but the employee is within their rights not to give their consent. However as by withholding consent the employee might give the impression they got something to hide. Personally I would try to meet them halfway In my case when my employer asked for my medical records I to gave them consent. However I did state I am only giving them consent for information relating for the reasons why I was off sick and nothing else. That way they only get the infromation linked to your time off from work and not your entire medical history. I also requested that I wanted to see the report before my employer does. The benefit of that is you able to request changes to the report before your GP sends your report to the employer. I hope this help you.
  7. Very true. Also bear in mind there are no restrictiions on the amount of tution fees the university can charge to non EU students. When I was at university 10 years ago. My friend who came from India paid 5 times more then what I was supposed to pay. My fees was about £1k a year compared with his £5.5k. My fees were paid by the LEA as my parents income was below the threshold required to be liable to pay fees. I personally don't had a problem with them. They seem well behaved and polite. At least they are coming to Sheffield and spending their money here. Thats gotta be a good thing for the local economy.
  8. Give this a try. http://www.moneysupermarket.com/travel-insurance/pre-existing-medical-conditions/ and http://www.confused.com/travel-insurance/pre-existing-medical Saves shopping around and it will list the companies that will actually insure you
  9. The same thing happened when I added my sister as an additional driver. This before those gender equality law came into force. I saved an additional £200 on my renewal premium. Have you been told to not to drive because you suffer from a "notifiable" health condition? Here a list in case you need to check. https://www.gov.uk/health-conditions-and-driving As you are legal obliged to inform the DVLA if you do. Unless you rather risk a £1000 fine and possible criminal prosecution and insurance invaldation in event of any accident. I suffer for Obstrictive Sleep Apena. So I had to notifiy the DLVA of my condition. Lucky for me Im fully compliant on my CPAP treatment and my sleep doctor confirmed this to DVLA when they wrote to him. So Im cleared to drive. The insurnace company wasn't too bothered about it when I told them. They wanted me to confirm that the DVLA has cleared me to drive without any restrictions.
  10. Is that the place where they celebrated Thatcher's funeral?
  11. That what I was thinking. I'll ring the Sheffield Office on Monday and ask for that.
  12. Just to update you all. I had an inspection of my flat done today. The woman from GNC has mentioned that it will be ok for me to leave the blinds and carpet behind. She understood that the new tennant will might appeciate them being left behind.
  13. Thank you for the info. Just now need to pop into their office and hand the letter to them. I admit I will find it hard doing this. Just feels like im going into the unknown.
  14. One last question. Lets say I did return to the UK in 2015. Im assuming i'll have to reapply to Northern Counties for a flat. Thats assuming if there any available which I seriously doubt. Will working abroad count against me when I reapply? Also do I need to inform Sheffield Homes. Im on their waiting list but haven't bothered bidding since I had this flat. ---------- Post added 03-05-2013 at 00:26 ---------- Unfortunately some people think its still like the tower block days. My folks is one of them. They weren't too pleased when I told them I was moving there. I got no problems living here. (touch wood)
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