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  1. Would someone mind showing me quickly
  2. Hi could someone kindly help me create pivot tables? I
  3. I need a good person who can paint my car and put a new passengers door in
  4. Has anyone had their cars updated with the emission software update. If so have you faced any problems after the fix e.g EGR failure, loud engine noise, car loosing power, putting more diesel in the car as normal. Have you been charged to repair your car. If you have get in touch!
  5. Does a fantastic job can't fault them ---------- Post added 06-04-2017 at 15:36 ---------- You mean k k fencing? Rotherham?
  6. Hi guys been running around in circles. I have seen a house which has been abandoned and has boards up. It's been like this for 25+ years. I now want to get in contact with the owner to ask if he wants to sell it. I rang land reg they don't hold any info? Rang council they can't help. How do I go forward? Can't post any letters as it's all sealed off etx
  7. My Nissan micra is making a strange noise when pressing the breaks think the breaks need replacing and also making a knocking noise when full locking my car to the right and left
  8. It needs a new whole unit n back spraying
  9. Does anyone know where I can get my Astra side mirror repaired from in Sheffield
  10. Hi guys Has anyone got any good business ideas that will be worth doing? Or looking to invest some money into the right business. Get in touch
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