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Parchment craft

Miss M

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Hi all,


Looking for a parchment class for my mum. She lives in Parson Cross but can travel (public transport). Preferably a day time class. She's already done it before and has materials and tools etc.. so it's more of a refresher she needs.


She doesn't have a great amount to spend on class costs but any help is much appreciated.



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I am indeed a parchment craft teacher. I have PM'd and then realised there is other stuff I need to mention that might be of interest to other people.


I understand that in these days, cost is a thing to consider and one of the things I do is workshops, whereby a group of people get together and I drop the cost down/travel to the people. I also do one off classes that are a bit longer than normal and I do internet support as well (that is a freebie!) Classes like these are usually of benefit to existing parchers who are struggling with a particular aspect. I teach beginners, the curious and advanced parchers, tailoring lessons to suit the individual rather than the group en masse.

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I've always wanted to learn parchment craft. I had a few tools for Christmas many years ago but found it too daunting to try and learn from a book. I have been lucky enough to buy a large amount of tools second hand so I might be interested in a class if you do a beginners class. I can only do weekends or evenings though and can't do regular classes.


Where are you based or where do you travel to? How much are your classes?

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I am based in Killamarsh. I do weekends and evenings and because my classes are small, classes on an as and when basis are fine. I charge £7 for a 2 1/2 hour class, parchment and patterns included. Actually, I tailor each lesson for each person to suit that person's progress rather than sticking to a fixed plan on the "learn it or else" lines.

As for travelling, that depends upon how many people can get together and how good the buses are! For example, I went to Manchester to teach a group of 20 and Firth Park to teach 10. Anyone fancy a Sheffield meet, en masse?


It is hard work learning from a book and the difference of actually having a teacher is quite remarkable (I know - I did it alone, before I got a teacher)


Drop me a PM if you want to talk about the possibilities.

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