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  1. War time rations are often quoted as "meat to the value of...." and I know that it was not an awful lot but can anyone remember the price of anything? I am a 1940's homefront re-enactor and it something I quite often get asked but I cannot find anything that will tell me what meat actually cost in those days.
  2. We have had to have our Hanni put to sleep. She was 14 1/2 but when she started dribbling pink stuff three weeks ago, we took her to the vet. It turns out she had a large ulcer under her tongue which was probably cancerous, with treatment unlikely to alter the course of her illness. We took the decision at the end of last week to end her life, when it became obvious she was struggling to eat and plainly not very happy. She spent her last day asleep in a plant pot in the sun and passed very quietly and with dignity. We prayed for her spirit and said our last good byes to a very lovely, gentle cat who never caused any trouble of any kind. Good bye Hanni
  3. Is there anyone on here who would be prepared to donate a bit of time (like an hour and a half) teaching a very basic swing/jive/lindy routine to a bunch of ladies who want to surprise their unsuspecting other halves in a flash mob dance in a forthcoming party? There would be around 10-15 of us of varying ages and we meet in an evening, usually. Please PM if you can help us out and I will tell you more. Obviously as this is a surprise, I can't put the full details on here
  4. Personally, I think I probably would, although my first attack with runny eyes is usually a wet, used teabag, gently wiped across the offending eye. I have no idea what is in it, but my mum always swore by them for our cats and it does seem to cure an awful lot of eye ailments. The only thing I would say is if you try that first, teabags are for one use only per eye and not to be used if you put milk in your tea before fishing out the bag. Oh, and let it cool down first!
  5. Mr Parcher has bought me the sewing machine of my dreams! Its a Frister and Rossmann QE 681 c and its arrived. Believe it or not there are 13 different sorts of button holes, eyelets, loads of embroidery stitches and it will do letters and numbers. Its got an LCD screen which even tells you which foot to put on and which levers to press, beeps at you and came from the supplier with no less than 50 large spools of thread. This machine even threads itself, brilliant for those of us with varifocals! I need to get to grips with this embroidery lark though because I think the tension must need to be adjusted to make it look remotely like it is supposed to! So this means that my two old electric machines are redundant (and now advertised to a good free home) and I can get on with trying out my collection of 1940's dressmaking patterns! I do so love it when you see something you really, really want and hubby takes the hint!!
  6. Thanks Chez2. I also use wood shavings in their duck house and clean that out regularly to keep them dry at night and their water bath is changed every day. I will try the protection grid - do you mean the sort that comes in interlocking squares that you lay first then fill the pockets with soil, or do you mean a sort of net roll? We do not actually have any grass left, owing to the action of the hens, although there are plans afoot to sort that out too. I am tempted to pave the whole area of their run - do you think they would come to any harm if I did that?
  7. We have 4 beautiful khaki campbells and have a bit of a problem with their run, namely keeping it clean and dry. Currently they have a large wire run which started off as earth with some gravel mixed in, then got partially paved, and wood chips were added to the bottom of it when two of the girls appeared to get a case of wet feather. It is a fair size, about hip height on me and used when we are not home. The rest of the time, they get the run of the veg patch. The problem is, as I said, it needs swishing down each night and the surrounding area is absolutely sopping and resembles the Somme. The wood chips are not rinsing off properly and I cannot get into the run to properly hose it down even if the water would get absorbed by the already sodden ground I had ducks last year but by this time of year, they were already in the freezer so the problem did not occur. These ducks, however will not be suffering that fate and I want to make their life as good as possible. The question is this: how do you house your ducks.
  8. I have 5 cats, three youngsters and two elderly ones. They also munch their way through 2 or 3 sachets of wet stuff at each session and then pile in to biscuits. One of the elderly ones, who is very definitely now a stomach on legs and exceedingly overweight, will make her way round the feeding stations, sneakily mopping up anything that is left behind.
  9. I already have a canary and I am sure we could find a home for another cage. Hubby hates budgies though so I cannot help there
  10. Mozart (my Avatar) had this problem for years. After a couple of bouts where he was admitted with obstruction, he was prescribed the urinary Hills biscuits (it was the only brand he liked) and he had to have a pill every night, which, if I remember correctly was Glucosamine, sourced over the internet from one of the veterinary medicine sites. We also bought a catit as he preferred to drink from the sink, so we thought a constant supply of clean cool water would help him too and increase his drinking. He survived quite happily for many years without any further episodes.
  11. We put double sided carpet tape on any bits we see ours scratch. They rarely try it a second time! Our very elderly cat has a carpet sample that she is allowed to use, the others use scratch mats that are attached to all four sides of the newel post
  12. Sorry Tess, no white on him/her at all, not even a stray whisker.
  13. it is definitely a stray. Apparently even the night staff knew about her/him. As soon as it is relatively settled we will get the vet to check it. I will also post a photo of it when I get the chance, but black cat in dark hidey hole doesn't make a great photo!!!
  14. Mr Parcher has brought a cat home from work. Apparently it has been coming to be fed for at least a year, possibly two (seen one black cat etc) . We think it is a female but it could be a neutered male - we haven't dared to take that sort of liberty, yet! He/she/it is very friendly and has the most gorgeous orange eyes, no white patches, medium length fluffy fur and a little kitten miaow. Viewed from above, she is quite distinctive as she appears to have a very long pointy nose and the bits where her whiskers are are quite pronounced. We think she is now around 4-8, definitely not a young cat. Naturally, she is here because we can offer her a home, albeit with four others but it would be lovely if we could get her back to her owners. Mr P works on Acres Hill Lane S9, so the cat was probably lost around 5 miles radius or so. If you know of anyone, who might have lost a black cat during that time, please pm me
  15. It does indeed. I think that sweat towel that you are describing sounds very much like a waffle weave cotton that we have nowadays, which often turns up as throws for chairs. I have quite a few old 1930's towels made out of that stuff and it would make sense that they would use those rather than nipping out and buying something that probably used up their ration stamps. Mr P did his apprenticeship (he is a fitter) in the late seventies, so there were still men working from that era but in the way of most teenage boys, he simply wasn't interested in what they wore! He did say though that his old smith with the bowler, probably did have an opera scarf because at that time, trained men were considered to be highly paid (how times change!) I do know the specs you mention because I was an optician in the late seventies and we still supplied them.
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