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  1. Taken from the South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Facebook page - Can you help us to track down the families of two firefighters who were killed during the Sheffield blitz? Norman Elliot, aged 35, and Fredrick Parkes-Spencer, aged 36 were both firefighters with Sheffield Police Fire Brigade on the night of 12 December 1940. We plan to name two new meeting rooms at our Eyre Street headquarters in memory of the firefighters and would like to let their families know. http://www.syfire.gov.uk/help-wanted-to-track-down-blitz-firefighters/ Please respond to the fire service if you have info about the families!
  2. BUMP. Please message me if more info is needed!
  3. BarryL - do you know you can private message users of this site? Click Hazels username and drop her a message!
  4. Where can I buy a complete shalwar kameez? Even second hand? I'm due to go to India at the end of March so I'd like to wear respectable clothing for my trip. I'll be making a trip to some shops in Sheffield but I'm particularly interested in getting them second hand to cut my costs! thanks
  5. There's roughly 15 of us. We went to Sushi Express and whilst the food was amazing - the service was shocking. They just couldn't handle a group. We don't even mind a fixed menu! Any recommendations? It'll be Saturday night, about 7pm - any kind of food, we're a mixed bunch City centre preferred thanks
  6. I'm looking for the LARGEST indoor play centre in/around Sheffield - aanywhere within an hours drive It has to be HUGE and something that will make even adults want to play. Think Monkey Bizness... Thanks!
  7. Hi, Found a class at Butterfly Studios but I called them and they were fully booked (and very rude on the phone!). Anyone know anywhere in Sheffield - accessible via public transport Cheers.
  8. A blonde/brownish coloured Terrier type dog found at 9pm last night running skittishly across Washington Road (just off Eccy road). Wearing a thin blue collar but no name or microchip. He has very thin hair on his back (almost bald) and has been taken in by a local resident. If he's yours call PDSA on 0114 2433232. If no one comes forward by today he'll be taken to Sheffield City Council kennels.
  9. http://www.silkslaserclinic.co.uk These guys do, lovely people and good prices for all treatments. You'll have to call them for tattoo removal info
  10. I figured I'd have to buy one online. But now I have one. Epic winning!!
  11. So I currently use Burton Hall (at the Burton Street foundation, Hillsborough) http://www.burtonstreet.co.uk/eating-and-drinking/functions It has everything we need: - transport links including tram - free parking - wooden floor - room big enough to hold 20-30 people (think yoga) - available on weekends (either saturday or sunday 12-5) I need a new venue. Somewhere that will honour my booking for the longterm. We're a monthly meeting group, private, not for profit. We don't require any tables/chairs/catering. Our budget is small but can guarantee monthly use with the possibility for more workshops. A dancehall, room above a pub, community centre, sports hall etc. I've had a look at other threads and got some ideas already but if you or anyone you know owns a space like this, please get in touch! All ideas welcome!
  12. Thank you jamesogt - never thought of the casino!
  13. I have friends over tomorrow evening and looking for a late bar in the city centre. Not a club, but somewhere with a good atmosphere and we're able to chat that's open beyond 11pm. Any suggestions? As a side - does anyone know how loud the music is in Bungalows and Bears on a Sat night? Cheers
  14. I'd like a BAZINGA tshirt. Women's. Are there any stores in Sheffield with them in stock? Thanks
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