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What's it for and how big does it need to be? An "easy idea" would be to see if you could get anyone to loan you the use of a flatbed lorrylarge trailer type thing. This way, you just drive it up and have it parked where you want it. Ask if you can cover the front with banners to disguise it a little.


*edit* Another thought would be to get in touch with local primary/secondary schools. When I was at primary, they had a "block stage" that got rolled out for nativity/panto. There may be a school in the local area that might let you have loan of something akin to that.

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Hi All,


Odd request, but there's an outdoor event that is being put on in Rotherham and they need a stage that can be easily assembled...


Anyone got any thoughts?




Who is 'They'? Do they want it for free? How high does it need to be? What width and depth? Come on, help us out here.

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Hi, I run a music festival on a very low budget. After searching all available options (stage companies are well beyond our budget, flat bed trucks have a wealth of health and safety risks unless they are specially designed which then conform to the expense problem), we found scaffolding. A local scaffolding company should put up and take down a secure stage for under £200. Let us know if you can't find one who will do it and I'll post you ours. Good luck, let us know if you find any alternative options, I would certainly be interested :)

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