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  1. We live in S2 and have been very happy with Drew so far for our two (at times very difficult) dogs http://www.dog-walking-sheffield.co.uk
  2. Hi, I am really at bursting point again - as above, would anyone like any? Going to say 50p a fish to try and avoid people wasting time. Or would swap for cherry shrimp
  3. Where abouts are you Peaches? There may be a couple of young people who volunteer at the farm who would be great for this.
  4. Heeley City Farm have a course with availability on July 12th. It should let you know everything you need to get started and it's always a really fun day
  5. What about Heeley City Farm - why have they been left out? Really excited for the Farm Stage this year!
  6. Really looking forward to this! The last one regarding weeds and feeding was brill - I think these animals really need all the help they can get as a huge amount of misinformation out there.
  7. Thanks for that - I was hoping we might be able to travel from, say, Hathersage to Sheffield - our toddler would LOVE it. Looks like you can only buy expensive tickets and join from a few stations. Thanks loads though - he will be happy to watch it come in to Sheffield
  8. Can we get on the train and have a ride? Or is it not for passengers?
  9. Yeh I think so - you have me doubting now!
  10. I guess they wouldn't stay there if they weren't happy. I'd bet they'll find plenty of slugs to eat.
  11. Yes agreed with Moon - I would mix with juice or a tiny bit of ribena or something and syringe it in so you can be sure she's got it. No need to separate then.x
  12. Hi, a friend's mum is looking for a small dog to keep her company and care for. She lives in a static caravan in lincoln with a big enclosed garden. She doesn't work so could be with the dog 24/7. She does have some issues with her legs which means she couldn't walk great distances but can drive to walk sites and do short walks from her home. She really wants something smaller than a staffy - we are scouring rescues but if anyone sees anything, let us know! She's in Sheffield next weekend so would be good if there were some dogs to visit then Thank you x
  13. Hi Katkin - I have one which I was going to donate to Heeley Farm - my rabbits have gone there on long term loan while I restyle my garden and probably to stay as they are doing great and getting on brill with the other rabbits (note - the farm very strictly don't rehome rabbits generally). You could have the hutch and then return to farm when you have finished? It's not the best in terms of height so if it's a particularly big rabbit it would want to be in there as little as possible but it's 6ft long.
  14. Hi, I'd love to know your experience - I understand the things Teeny mentioned are important too but I have two strong rescue dogs so some information on experience would be good for me. We will probably be looking for a dog walker in the next few months.
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