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Hair colour advice wanted

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Clairol Nice 'N' Easy SB2, I'm almost certain would contain peroxide (bleach). Without it though, you're unlikely to get a platinum blonde shade at all.


My friend recently tried a bleach-free product called 'Colour B4' which is meant to strip colour from your hair at home. She was planning to go blond from brown without bleach. It didn't work. She had blond roots, and then orange length and ends, which I would expect you to get with anything not containing peroxide, and even with some peroxide dyes on dark hair.


ediesedgewick - have you got that silver hair with a tint of blue/purple that looks like a flippin' blue rinse? :hihi:


Hahaha narr i used to but its bloody hard work, and everyone had it that colour so i let it wash out :) Its funny when lasses have blue rinse hair but then theyve got yellow roots... Oh dear!

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The heat from your head acclerates the lightening process, leaving you with white roots and orange/yellow ends :hihi: . When bleaching your hair you should not apply the mixture to the roots straightaway.


I knew about the heat, but also thought it was that the roots hadn't been previously dyed at all and the length had been black, brown, red, black, brown etc that caused the orange colour when the roots went blonde?

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