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Pregnant with 2nd baby and a bit nervous..


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Hello, sorry to start a new thread but couldn't find one that fit :/


just found out im pregnant with 2nd baby and a little bit worried what people might think as my LG is only 8 months. We are soo happy and it feels like family's gonna be complete (even though OH said he wanted no-more kids :)..he just needed the test). Has anyone else got young children with a small age gap between them and how did you manage/other people take the news? I know its a daft question as I shouldn't be bothered what others think but there is some nasty people out there who have to have there say :(.

Also did you get more stomach cramps with your 2nd? Im suffering from mild stomach cramps since yesterday morning (they feel horrendous to me but im a wendy), they come and go and feel like period aches, never got it with my first feels bit like im bruised inside, hope its not gonna be a chunk like Abigayle :)

Thank you :)

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I have 4 kids, aged 6, 4, 20mth and 11days. There is a 15mth gap between eldest 2 and 19 and half mth gap between youngest 2. Don't worry what other people think, it's your life not theirs. You get the usual comments like "have you not got a tv" and now I have had no.4 I get "is that it then now". I don't think people mean anything by it, sometimes they don't know what else to say. As for managing, it wasn't as bad as I thought, you just get on with things. Of course the first few weeks are hard with sleepless nights but it all works it's self out. Congratulations! x

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Congratulations! I have 5. There's 3years between 1st & 2nd, 16 months between 2nd & 3rd then a 7 year gap but then 9 days under a year between my 4th & 5th. I had the usual comments like LJB says but nothing nasty. Work were a bit shocked as I was still on maternity leave when I found out about number 5 lol. I would have only been back at work around 4 months before my next round of maternity leave but I ended up not going back

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congratulations hun i have got 14 month and 2 days between my 2 oldest was 5 month when i realised, i get the tv comment a lot lol it gets a bit old after a while.


as for managing i found it really easy to just get back into the sleepless nights, feeding and changing. my friend who has a 3 year gap really struggled to get back into it all so it is easier the closer. and the good thing is you get all the rubbish bits over and done with early lol


i never got cramps with the first, but i got them really bad with the second

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