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  1. Hello, has anyone ever used 'sun master' website to book holidays? Been looking at late deals for me, partner and 3 children and they seem to be best prices. Thank you ??
  2. I've changed the battery, even got another just to be on safe side :/
  3. Does anyone have the number for anyone who repairs the laguna key fobs in or near sheffield please? It wont lock/unlock car but starts the car could do with getting it done ASAP as going away soon, thanks
  4. my daughter was 5 weeks old when she went to bed one night with a small red mark on the back of her leg, no bigger than a baby's finger nail, woke up and it was almost the size of 2 50p's at side of each other. Asked the health visitor when she came that day and was told it was a strawberry birthmark and may dissappear, may not. It was flat to start with then went really raised and bumpy and angry looking. She's now nearly 9 months and its starting to become less pronounced now. How old is your daughter? could be a bloodblister but if you're concerned, ring doctors/health visitor and ask them to look at it. Nothing wrong with questioning something different on your child
  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have twins, boy and girl, Kai Alan Ronnie and Maddison Rose had Kai from the start as my favourite name then took partner about 6 months to decide on Maddison. Also got an 18 month old called Abigayle Daisy! I did argue with the girls names as I absolutely love Evie Rose or Isla Rose but got told if I have one of them, I cant have Kai and he was picking boys name!!...how rude!! We also looked at what they would get shortened to as both our names are shortened, although we dont shorten Abigayle, we do Maddison - either Maddie Rose or Maddie moo (as our lg calls her). Also the surname has a lot to do with it, I always wanted Allie for a girl but partners name is Anders, Allie Anders sounds like a porn star..not what we want for a baby Good luck with everything and treasure it all, my twins are 5 month next week and dont sleep much now in the day, too nosey!!! My niece and Nephew, not twins though, are Lexi and Louie
  6. Hello, im wondering if anyone has any idea who or how to deactivate the passenger seat airbag on a Mitsubishi Challenger? I've rung Montys and they said they dont know how and have no idea who would!!! I've got to do it as got to put my little girls car seat in the front due to her not fitting in the back anymore. Any help or advice would be appreciated!!! Thanks
  7. sorry not been able to reply..been in hospital for last 2 weeks. Good news, they are both here, healthy and happy and adorable 'big' sister is amazing with them, although when asked in the hospital if we were taking them home with us, she did say yes to little boy but no to little girl :/ haha, luckily she changed her mind !! everything went fine, I siffered from itching bad too Twibstix with anaesthetic but over and done with now and enjoying every minute. Have you recovered okay now? Few more weeks and can have the biggest cuddle ever with my big girl!!! Thanks again x
  8. thank you i just worry due to all the hype you hear and not really heard anything 'good' about them!! Do you have to stay in the night before, i have to go for a pre-op assesment but doctor didnt say if I had to stay in that night, i didnt think i did obviously unless theres any problem. do they allow your partner/birthing partner in with you? x
  9. Hi all, just after a bit of advice please: i'm due to have twins on 23rd November and am booked in for a c-section due to bottom baby being breech. Had my lg normal delivery so absolutely terrified of the thought. Obviously I agree with doctor that if its the safest way for the twins, do whichever is best for them and signed all forms etc but still nervous as got a 1 year old to look after to and am really panicking that I wont be able to cuddle her properly and show her she's not been pushed out. How was anyones experience of a c-section and what is the recovery process? Any support would be greatly appreciated as its starting to taint the last stretch of the pregnancy now Thank you x
  10. Hello im due to have non-identical twins, a boy and girl, in December and am trying to find them co-ordinating outfits but can only seem to fin neutral colours. Anyone know of anywhere where i may be able to get some outfits?? Thank you
  11. We're having a boy and a girl too perfect, ready made family!! makes it a bonus that i wont have 3 hormonal teenage girls haha!!!! Ive actually got yellow sticky notes on my maternity notes saying what i need to ask!!! Surely though i'd have thought that all the professionals had the same opinion on each individual birth plan, therefore if they just look through the notes like they should do, they would all come up with the same outcome. I dont know anymore, just going in with an open mind and they will come how they want to come out x
  12. thank you i dont mind either way as long as the twins are delivered safe and with as little stress on them im just getting fed up of being told different things. I just get round to thinking of one way and get told 'no its other'!!! Which is frustrating!! Not only that but as my little girl is only 1, I want as little disruption for her too. It just appears to me that non of the medical staff seem to know what the others said, and contradict each other. Im pretty sure many other mums, not just twin pregnancies, get conflicting info too I worked in a nursery before having my girl and if 2 members of staff told different things, we'd have a right telling off, its so unprofessional!!! OOhhh congratulations, its scary isnt it but also exciting ive got my next scan in just under 3 weeks and i wont be leaving until i find out any information, im actually writing a list so they'll have it all to come!! I really dont mind either way but i do know that if you do have a natural birth, then when the first one is born, there is a very high chance of the second turning and getting settled in a strange position :/ the little wriggle bum!!! I'm just about to start gettin hospital bag ready, i packed a holdall for wen i had Abigayle so this time ill need a suitcase!!! Do you know what sexes they are?
  13. Hello, just after some others members experiences as been told conflicting information and getting very confused :/ I've got a lg who was 1 yesterday and am expecting non-identical twins 1st December. When i had my lg, i tore really bad and had stitches inside and outside and have been told that i have to have a c-section by my midwife. Now, whenever i go to scans, i get told sometimes that i have to have one and then other times i dont and im gettin very confused and its makin me not look forward to it dont get me wrong, i will do whatever, as long as they get here safe, but also get told that they will bring them at 36 weeks, even if they are still growing fine and happy. I would sooner leave them in as long as they are comfortable, to me any extra day in there is doing them the world of good!! Im sooo confused but also angry that all the 'professionals' have a different outcome thanks for any advice!!!
  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I've got a princess who will 1 next month and am expecting twins, boy and girl, in dec!! no matter whether its your first or not, you still want to scream it from the rooftops xx
  15. hi, I have a girl who's 1 in August and expecting twins 1st Dec bit nervous so very interesting to hear peoples opinions... had comments that i dont seem fazed by the idea of having 3 under 2 yrs we dont go into saying 'right this time its twins' hehe but just got a little bonus xx
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