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Painting kitchen cupboards

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I'm in the process of buying a property which has darkish wooden kitchen cupboards. As I cant afford a new kitchen I was wondering if it would look ok painted with new handles. Has anybody ever done this type of job and if so was it a nightmare to do?


Better still does anybody know of professionals who would do it?



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Well I am in the middle of painting my kitchen doors with paint from asda. Its easy enough with the right brushes and rollers to get each space. Now looking av handles there slightly more expensive then I thought they would so. Have to look around for a decent price. Our cabinets had a plastic wood effect cover on mdf ripped that off and easy. If your are dark solid wood process may take longer. Sanding and base coats then after top coat give a light sand .

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I once painted some with gloss, it was a fail, way too streaky.

I've also spray painted some silver, which was a bit better!


I then got lucky the last time I wanted to do it, and managed to get some beech coloured plain doors that someone was throwing out (they were unused, they had bought the wrong sizes, and plus they didn't have the holes in the side at the back for hinges, rejects I think), and I just screwed them to the front of my existing dark oak, dated ones, and put cheap silver handles on, worked a treat!

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