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  1. Reason for Rehome / Sale: Putting tank in storage while decorating. Time Scale – How Urgent? ASAP Sale Amount: No payment required just a good home. Location: S14 Gleadless Approximate size now and full grown size Half inch to 3 inch. Minimum fish tank size needed: 3 foot. Any Current health problems: None COmpatibility with other fish: Community fish. Beginners, moderate or experienced levels of fishkeeping required: Easy. Easy to feed: Good feeders. Live food, dried food, frozen or fresh: Flake or frozen. herbivore/omnivore/carnivore/ Destructive Behaviour: None. Temperature range Tropical,Coldwater,Marine or Brackish water required: Tropical. General information that you can share: There is 1 large Plec, 1 large Clown Loach, 2 long fish (can't remember the name) and 2 neons.
  2. ......................................................................................
  3. I got just over £9 a gram for some old scrap gold. I took mine to The Chapel Jewellers at Heeley, they always pay good prices for gold.
  4. Yes a body was found, he was from Arbourthorne and he wasn't murdered. I have to say that's how I see Newfield Green and avoid it as much as possible.
  5. Its NOT a rough area! The murders that have been committed on the Valley were committed by Asylum Seekers. That's your opinion! I've lived on Gleadless 26 years AND STILL DO! The small minority that you speak of stand out like a sore thumb and succeed in dragging the area down. The area looks run-down and scruffy in most places. It's very sad but true. We moved into the area when it was very hard to get a property in Gleadless, now they can't give them away!
  6. [/color] If that's true why are the properties being taken mostly by immigrants? It is true. Probably because they don't know which are classed as "rough" areas and happily take any property they can get unlike the Sheffielders who choose not to bid on the first come first served properties that are usually in rougher areas or in very poor condition.
  7. I never said they should! These properties are first come first served so obviously no Sheffielders want them or they could have them, they only have to bid for said property and they would be given it. Maybe the immigrants take them because they're not bothered about what area they live in?
  8. I don't think they're jumping the queue, there are many first come first served properties in Gleadless so if they were the first to bid on an available property they would get it.
  9. It is stated that he got 14 years total, 10 of which were for earlier offences of abuse against children.
  10. http://www.carbootjunction.com/car-boot-by-county-listing.php?id=6266 The Bowshaw carboot has a sign saying it will be staring on the 13th of April.
  11. Try looking where you met him the first time. Dog walkers usually take the dog on the same walks daily.
  12. The one at Chesterfield football ground is open all year round.
  13. Well it did work, he had a full bottle and a great nights sleep
  14. I was told this wonderful advice! My 3 week old grandson had a very large dry bogie blocking his nose, he was struggling to drink his bottles so I thought I'd give it a try so I gave a little suck which seemed to loosen it but everytime he would just breath it back up. On the last attempt I gave a quick suck, the bogie flew to the back of my throat! I couldn't get it out and was nearly choking/vomiting, in the end I just swollowed it! I'm feeling sick now just thinking about it. So if you do take that advice be warned, don't suck too quick! ---------- Post added 29-01-2014 at 23:22 ---------- Don't read the above! You've been warned.
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